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Wednesday March 16th, 2022 with Muddy Watters
Simone Provencher

A tribute to SIMONE PROVENCHER! The multi-instrumentalist and composer discusses their musical projects throughout the years: VICTIME, Album, Nimbes, La Fete, TDA, plus their solo and collaborative projects. bio: Simone Provencher is a multi-instrumentist and composer from Quebec, now based in Hull, and lead guitarist in the post-punk/no wave/noise rock trio VICTIME. On the side, they also pursue an exploratory music practice, solo and through different collaborative projects. Their move to Hull made them repatriate all their instruments and recording equipment from their studio in Quebec to their new apartment in the Outaouais. Therefore the proximity of the equipment and the permeable time offered by being estranged in a new city enabled them to quickly create the body of compositions on the guitar, which they then wished to enrich with the contributions granted to esteemed musicians, to rig the pieces of a freehanded richness impossible to plan. The result came to life with Mesures, a debut EP released in the spring of 2021. Simone Provencher bandcamp: Simone Provencher YouTube: Album bandcamp: Victime bandcamp: La Fête bandcamp: Nimbes bandcamp: UPCOMING PERFORMANCES : March 19 Festival OFF de Quebec - Le Petit OFF au Pantoum (Formule hybride) March 26 SEULEMENT, Simone Provencher and Dimitri Georgaras at Club SAW
Simone Provencher - Mesures Canadian
Simone Provencher - Demi-mots Canadian
Victime - Mi-tronc, mi-jambe Canadian
Hommage à M. Cusson Pour M. Höek
Album - Album Canadian
TDA - Ascète Canadian
Simone Provencher - Mesures Canadian
2v2 Megarandom - ZOIA Patch Demo
Simone Provencher - Canadian
Le Oiseau, La Distance
Nimbes - Le Oiseau, La Distance Canadian
HM-2 Solo Rock
Simone Provencher - Sigmond Fraise Canadian
Station Seppuku
Nimbes - Des Kiwis Pour ma Fiancêe Canadian
La Pluie
La Fête - Entropiques Canadian
La Fête / Laps split EP
La Fête - Digère le vide Canadian
Gagner Rein (Extended Mix)
La Fête - Canadian
Herbes et curiosités
Victime - La femme taupe Canadian
Victime - Mi-tronc, mi-jambe Canadian
Faire la matière (live)
Victime - CISM Les Chants de 30iéme Canadian
108 Mystical Edit 2K20
Album - Album Canadian
165 Refrains
Album - Album Canadian
New and Annoying
Album - Album Canadian
Saison des pluies
Simone Provencher - Restaurant Déjeuner Canadian
Elle.ll disparait
Simone Provencher - Demi-mots Canadian
Toutes ces réponses
Simone Provencher - Mesures Canadian
Choix Multiples
Simone Provencher - Mesures Canadian
Many Moons (live)
Simone Provencher - Saw Gallery Many Moons series Canadian
Fairfield Circuitry Ranys Revenge
Simone Provencher - Sounds From: Simone Provencher YouTube Canadian
Animated rig rundown / pedalboard overview (february 11th 2017)
Simone Provencher - Rundowns: Simone Provencher YouTube Canadian
The Voice
Simone Provencher - Simone Provencher YouTube Canadian
Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude
Simone Provencher - Canadian
Hexaphonic guitar test and PDS-2000 demo
Simone Provencher - Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Muddy Watters (host)
You are super COOL! Thank you for listening!

8:07 PM, March 16th, 2022
maybe cool & no fool The Mighty makes sure a that!;-)

8:50 PM, March 16th, 2022
Muddy Watters (host)
damn right! thanks for tuning in hillbilly!

9:04 PM, March 16th, 2022