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Wednesday February 2nd, 2022 with Muddy Watters

A tribute to Boyhood! The multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Caylie Runciman talks us through her outstanding music and career while teasing her highly anticipated forthcoming album. Boyhood Bandcamp: Boyhood SoundCloud: Boyhood Youtube: Bio: When Caylie Runciman started calling herself Boyhood, it was a nod to childhood nostalgia. Six years later, the alias – and the beguiling bedroom anthems – are one and the same. Tough-kid guitar grit and deadpan verses give way to whimsical synthlines and delicate harmonies. But like an off-kilter merry-go-round, or a candy shop in a seedy part of town, there’s a shady layer to Runciman’s perfect pop. Her black magic is raw – equal parts ecstasy and heartbreak. And in among the bright colours, there’s the joy and the pain in knowing what it means to grow up.
Boyhood - Bad Mantras Canadian
Something I Can Loose
Boyhood - Canadian
He Don't
Boyhood - Bad Mantras Canadian
Boyhood - Boyhood Canadian
When I'm Hungry
Boyhood - When I'm Hungry Canadian
Boyhood - When I'm Hungry Canadian
As a Fog
Boyhood - When I'm Hungry Canadian
Burn My Body
Boyhood - Canadian
Make Up
Boyhood - Canadian
Blue Xmas
Boyhood (Billy Hayes & J.W. Johnson) - Canadian
Wivenhoe Bells II
Boyhood (Cleaners from Venus) - Canadian
Nothin' Like a Cold One (After a Good Cry)
Cowboyhood - Canadian
Boyhood - Bad Mantras Canadian
Bad Mantra
Boyhood - Bad Mantras Canadian
Boyhood - Bad Mantras Canadian
Don't You Dare
Boyhood - Canadian
Stroke It
Boyhood - Canadian
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Its Art its good

8:20 PM, February 2nd, 2022
Muddy Watters (host)
Thanks for listening COOL kidz!

8:23 PM, February 2nd, 2022
Muddy Watters (host)
Oh ya, it's good alright! Thanks for tuning in hillbilly!

8:24 PM, February 2nd, 2022
Boyhood is a brilliant artist I'd figured by the end....totally & comfortably and independently as ONE... that'l do er!!;-) gonna be fun to watch

9:24 PM, February 2nd, 2022