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Tuesday February 23rd, 2021 with Emily D'Orazio & Kat Topinka

M & Kat use thier space to recognize and lift up Black voices to celebrate Black History Month. We're joined by two guests in this episode! Jaiah Howe is an Ontario Birthworker who is the Founder and CEO of Crowning Gaia. She talks to us about how birth work is inherent in Black History and how modern western birth has been molded by Black Women and their bodies. Follow Jaiah at @crowninggaia and donate to her continued education here: We also chat with Loli Moon, a local Witch, and Founder of Mystic Moon Medicine. She is also the host of What's The Brew? with Loli Moon. She tells us how her practice came to be and why magic, medicine, and witchcraft are all deeply ancestral. Follow Loli @mysticmoonmedicine and visit her website here:
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