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Stranger Songs
Tuesday May 17th, 2022 with Mike Regenstreif
These Songs are for the Birds

Our theme on this edition of Stranger Songs is "These Songs are for the Birds." Some of these songs are literal in their avian imagery. Some are metaphorical. Click on LISTEN NOW to hear this show. Click on LISTEN to hear the current CKCU broadcast.
fragment of The Stranger Song
Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen - Columbia/Legacy Canadian
For the Birds
Bruce Cockburn - Sunwheel Dance: Deluxe Edition - True North Canadian
Like a Little Bird (with Polly Harris)
Mike Stevens - Breathe In the World Breathe Out Music - Stony Plain Canadian New
Hey Little Bird
Don Armstrong - Mother Don’t Give Up on Me Now - Ronstadt Record Co.
Little Birdie: A Reimagined Traditional Song
Marc Nerenberg - Little Birdie: Birds, Beasts & Banjo Blues - Marc Nerenberg Canadian
Golden Bird
Happy & Artie Traum - Happy and Artie Traum - Capitol
High Flying Bird
Judy Henske - The Elektra Albums - Ace
All the Birds
Lynn Miles - Black Flowers Vol. 4 - Lynn Miles Canadian
Swans Upon the Avon
Michael 'Earnie' Taylor - Folk β€˜n’ Western - Laughing Cactus Music Canadian
I Heard the Bluebird Sing
Finest Kind - Lost in a Song - Fallen Angle Canadian
This Song is for the Birds
Bill Staines - Third Time Around - Catfish
fragment of The Stranger Song
Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen - Columbia/Legacy Canadian
Settle In (Chatter of the Finches)
Kim Wallach - Chatter of the Finches - Black Socks Press
I am a Skylark
Vanessa Lively - Truth Is - Animada New
Martha Seyler & Robert Resnik - Martha Sings & Robert Plays - Martha Seyler & Robert Resnik
Cucurrucucu Paloma
Perla Batalla - Discoteca Batalla - Mechuda Music
Redwinged Blackbird
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - Get Up and Do Right - Community Music Canadian
The Birds
Ian Tamblyn - Voice in the Wilderness - North Track Canadian
The Heron
Julie Felix - Rock Me Goddess - Remarkable
Bird of Paradise
Sneezy Waters - A Letter Home - Sneezy Waters Canadian
To Be Done
Brian QTN - OsculEARiosophy - Brian QTN New
My Faithful Sparrow
Anya Hinkle - Eden and Her Borderlands - Organic
We Become Birds
Michael Smith - Love Letter on a Fish - Tales from the Tavern
Love Song to a Bird
Diana Jones - Song to a Refugee - Goldmine
Wild Geese
Tom Russell - Play One More: The Songs of Ian & Sylvia - True North Canadian
The Nightingale's Song
Last Forever - No Place Like Home/Last Forever - 2nd Story Sound
The Golden Eagle
Natalie MacMaster - Sketches - Linus Canadian
Interactive CKCU

4:19 PM, May 17th, 2022
Mike Regenstreif (host)
Thanks HB.

4:19 PM, May 17th, 2022
Alex and Catherine Stewart
Great music, M<ike,as always!

1:24 PM, May 24th, 2022
Mike Regenstreif (host)
Thanks Alex and Catherine.

1:12 PM, May 28th, 2022