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This Is Nowhere
Monday October 17th, 2022 with Tariq Anwar & Jordan Craig
Episode 80 - The State of Patient Care, Paratranspo & More

Today Tariq discusses the aftermath of his father's recent knee replacement surgery and struggles with post-operative patient care. And friend of the show, Helena, hangs out too!
Baby You Can Drive My Car
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
Let's Dance
David Bowie - Let's Dance
Interactive CKCU
Dr. Union
Question nobody asking..."Why did the 'Beat Cops' on the ground in early days...not act like Street Cops....lots of video showing their "strange" indeed Friendly, welcoming activity?" Only some of them - not all - but enough - moi, & The former President of the Ottawa Police ASSOCIATION know the answer. (It's NOT a trade Union!) Hint: As a very experienced Trade Union guy...I love 'Work To Rule.' It is the best Union Protest Tool. Trust me. Nobody is touching throwing Chief Sloly under the LRT......

12:32 PM, October 17th, 2022
Dr. dr
OTrain better name;-)

1:16 PM, October 17th, 2022
I miss Sue....sniff....

1:18 PM, October 17th, 2022
Paul Lefebvre
I am shocked listening to your comments on the freedom convoy, and disheartened by your little, petty comfort being disrupted, by this unprecedented expression call for accountability and justice from overreaching government, do not forget, many women and men were lost and were deprived of earning a living, many lost their homes, suicide, broken family ties and friends, house arrest, over mandates to inject a shit nobody knows exactly what is in's efficacy, and what the long term effects are. Remember, you do live right up in the center of the nation's capital. That does come with a risk, a risk of social disruption. Can you admit, at least, freedom to those who choose not to consume the shot, a right to live normally? I dare you to have guests here with another point of view. Truly disappointed with CKCU in general and the biased propaganda.

11:24 AM, October 19th, 2022