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This Is Nowhere
Monday September 26th, 2022 with Tariq Anwar & Jordan Craig
Episode 78 - Mayors & Zippers

Just another scintillating day in Nowhere for Jordan & Tariq!
The New
Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights
A Slow Parade
A.A. Bondy - When The Devil's Loose
Interactive CKCU
Dead Man PEDAL, on diesel engine floor - swings under engineer's seat in diesel passes out, foot comes off pedal...air brakes go on...train stops....eventually!;-) (tip,if a flagstick is placed on pedal & wedged under window ledge, "Hogger" doesn't hav to sit with foot on pedal & can move around. All this may be different changes!;-) I hav been in a diesel engine drag race .... 2 engines, side by open for signal...It is the ultimate!!! (midnite shift - train yard...nobody around...23 yrs old...Switchman- great job!)

12:00 PM, September 26th, 2022
I love yyk zippers! If only everyone looked at the initials on zippers, the world would be a better place.

12:29 PM, September 26th, 2022
This old beat played u out on a C harp.... gettin' Old...first ya forget to zip it up....then ya forget to zzzip it ...down.....

12:35 PM, September 26th, 2022
Ah! Dead man pedal!! Cool, now we know! I’ll mention it next episode.

11:34 PM, September 26th, 2022