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Mapped Out Radio
Friday March 24th, 2023 with Pithra
Music & Interview featuring Malek Eye

A segment featuring multidisciplinary artist Malek Eye. Starts with an introduction of Malek and his work in music and videography followed by a mini mix of music that Malek was involved in and ending with an interview with Malek.
Parenthèse Enchantée
Prins Mic - New
Two Oceans & One Sea Feat.Wilhaeven, Prins Mic and Salmazenn - Canadian
La Vida
Two Oceans & One Sea Feat. Wilhaeven and Ancellin - Canadian
BLINDT - Canadian New
Global Talk - Canadian
Être Heureux
Cinima x Malek Eye & Kids - Canadian
Two Oceans & One Sea Feat. Poppa Quest - Canadian
In The Heart
Two Oceans & One Sea Feat Spezzo and Hollywoodjunkii - Canadian
Menthüll - Canadian
Interactive CKCU