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Friday February 19th, 2021 with Jordan & Corinne
Sonic Healing with Kat, Drez and Corinne. Music process with MELO-T. Special feature from Sarah Crookall and more!

Day by Day - Canadian
We chat about sonic healing with Kat and Drez of Sonic Yoga. Sonic Yoga is the Ottawa based yoga and sound creation of Katt Brooks and Drez Slezak (also known as DJ ASTRL TRVLR). These two take you on a journey through sound and movement using breathe, meditation, flow yoga, sound healing techniques.

More info about Sonic Yoga via
Liberated from the Negative
Abakus - Departure
Corinne aka Coblou gives us an insight to her sound therapy practise. Corinne is a francophone multi disciplinary artist living on unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation. (Ottawa, Canada). Creating helps her self-reflect. She love the process of exploring the many landscapes of her inner worlds through a variety of mediums. From Energy work to illustration, painting, photography, writing or sound, her expression is limitless. She endlessly curious about the creative process and how it interacts with our daily lives. Through that, Corinne support others in fostering a relationship with their own creative energy as she continue to explore her own.

More info on Corinne's art practise available via
Still a Soul in There
Abakus - Departure
Playful Tendencies
MELO-T - Canadian
SomeOne to Love (feat. Namara) - Single
MELO-T - Locked Down (feat. Miloka) - Single Canadian
Locked Down (feat. Miloka) - Single
MELO-T - Locked Down (feat. Miloka) - Single Canadian
In this segment with Sarah Crookall, we look at 4 evidence-based ways to improve creativity through walking. We take a look at divergent thinking and soft fasciation, which researchers believe are some creative benefits that come from walking. There is also a good body of research linking walking with positive mental health and well-being. Fortunately, walking is something that can be easily done during lockdown / coronavirus. The four practical tips and walking activities to help improve your creativity in the video are:

1. Free walking
2. Sound walk
3. Sketch a landmark
4. Nature bath

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We close this weeks episode off with a preview of a mix by T-23 aka Andrew Pakuts of CKCU FM's Lost In Bass. This set was originally recorded for a series with our friends at Chill Lover Radio. Hear the full set via
Interactive CKCU