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The Majic Show Deluxe
Wednesday June 2nd, 2021 with Majic Mike
The Majic Show DELUXE Wed 12pm est hosted by Majic Mike spinning the hottest tracks canadian and worldwide urban music with guests interviews weekly majors or indi retro dj mixes news reports and more tune in.

The Majic Show DELUXE JUNE 2 2021 Wed 12pm est hosted by Majic Mike spins the hottest in urban music local and worldwide guests this week we got Hiphop legend Jaz O very big interview we talk about his life how he started Jay Z career and whats new in 2021 we got some classic tracks by him as well as new one talk radio this week TAP IN...
Sorry not sorry
Jay z feat Nas , James Fauntleroy - Khaled Khaled - Roc Nation New
Do You (Clean)
Funkmaster Flex ft DMX - 60 Minutes Of Funk, Volume IV: - Loud
Jigga What Jigga Who
Jay z feat Jaz O, Amil - Jay-Z Unplugged - Def Jam
The Originator MARSEEWHY
JazO - single - Roc Nation New
Interactive CKCU