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Bedtime Stories
Tuesday April 6th, 2021 with Chris Lyne
What Harold did with bits and pieces of metal piping.

What could you do with pieces of metal from a US B-17 World War 2 bomber? Well, you could design a portable, primarily metallic acoustic musical instrument. And then over the following decades watch it develop into something far above and beyond its original purpose..... "THE LISTENING ROOM": come and get involved in helping select tunes for upcoming editions of "Bedtime Stories": we're looking for tunes you'd recommend on any of the following: Tunes you've heard in other people's collections. Artists that you saw at your first or most recent gig. Tunes that promote racial equality. Local artists that you'd like to recommend to other listeners. Ambient or instrumental music Just enter your recommendation(s) on the Playlist (at any time you like); we'll endeavour to include your selections in future editions of the show.
One Page Story (show theme)
Chris Lyne - Chapter 4 (2020) - Unreleased Canadian
Inner City Blues
Molly Johnson - Meaning To Tell Ya (2018) - Belle Canadian
Lady Day and John Coltrane
Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Begins: The Flying Dutchman (2012) 3 CD Compilation - Ace records
52 Street Boogie Down
Catalyst - A Tear And A Smile (1976) - Muse
The Hump
Patrice Rushen - Shout It out (1977) - Prestige
Last stroke Of Midnight
Dizzy Gillespie - Free Ride (1977) - Pablo Records
Slippin' Into Darkness
Ramsey Lewis - Upendo Ni Pamoja (1972) - Columbia
Dancin' Feet
Oscar Petersen - Night Child (1979) - Pablo today Canadian
Title Track
Lonnie Liston Smith - Astral Traveling (1973) - Flying Dutchman
On The Rhodes Again
Morcheeba - Beats and B Sides (1998) - Sire
Pink Floyd - Animals (1977) - Harvest
Interactive CKCU
Chris Lyne (host)
Hi everyone, thanks for tuning in to CKCU-FM and Bedtime Stories, Come on into the Listening Room (here) to say "hi".

9:54 PM, April 6th, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi Chris, I’m liking the funky, jazzy tunes.

10:10 PM, April 6th, 2021
Chris Lyne (host)
Hi Shelley Thank you :-) Plenty more to come, too, this evening!

10:12 PM, April 6th, 2021
How ya doing!? Cool stuff Man! Nice to hear Molly Johnson....she was a host on CBC 2 for a short while....used to listen... Thanks! Stay safe....say hi to Bore-us!;- )

10:32 PM, April 6th, 2021
Chris Lyne (host)
'Evening Hillbilly :-) Molly J was on CBC 2? cool! (And a great cover of ICB)

10:37 PM, April 6th, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi again Chris, Excellent show as always!!! Loved the music. Will have to listen again.

10:51 PM, April 6th, 2021
Chris Lyne (host)
Hi Shelley Thanks again, glad you enjoyed the set this evening. That Rhodes piano went from a little portable acoustic piano designed for casualties to sit up and play in bed whilst convalescing , through electrification after the war and then became the sound of early and mid 70s fusion (in particular). But as the Lonnie Liston Smith, Pink Floyd and Morcheeba tunes show, it could also lend a mercurial sound to all sorts of other things too.

10:57 PM, April 6th, 2021
Chris Lyne (host)
Goodnight and thanks again for listening.

11:03 PM, April 6th, 2021