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Studio J Jukebox
Friday May 26th, 2023 with Imp-Yam Cataracts
🎧 Jukebox Returns! (SJJ Mach II) 📻

Hey folks, it's Studio J Jukebox Mach II! Expect a wide-range of "underground rawk" type content here from the CKCU family.... Come back next week in fact for the return of Sean McFee, (Electronic Meditation, Infinite Ceiling) to the airwaves after a brief hiatus. This one dedicated to Adriana of Hexon Bogon, who will hopefully return to the airwaves soon, maybe even guest-hosting/doing an episode of this! Special thanks to all the Jukeboxers past (there's a pretty deep archive here, click "ALL PLAYLISTS" on the main show page) and future: Candace Nelson, Steve Kirkland, Duncan Spencer, DJ DesTrois, Jason Skilz, Adriana Ciccone, Sean McFee, Dick AltaVista, Mark Keill, Stephen Neale, Penny, DJ Little Beak......
USA Out Of Vietnam - Crashing Diseases And Incurable Airplanes Canadian
Your Beautiful House
Bernice - Eau De Bonjourno Canadian
Fitness - Full Well Canadian
Paper Hats
This Heat - Deceit
Luikertelevat Lahoavat
Circle - Forest
Straw Foot
16 Horsepower - Secret South
(I Don't Need You To) Set Me Free
Grinderman - S/T
Current 93 - Thunder Perfect Mind
Berlinale Duet
Melody McKiver & Thomas Goguelin - Mood Ring Vol. 2 Canadian
Dark Night
The Radiation Flowers - Canadian
Slender Fungus
Tones On Tail - Everything
Fade To Nothing
Phil Console - Grand Câve Canadian
108 Percussion Hits (au moins)
Album - S/T Canadian
Shallow Water and Cold Sand
Pith and the Parenchymas - Song of the Neverending Ugly Lizard Canadian
GOVERNMENT CAME (9980.0kHz 3617.1kHz 4521.0 kHz) Cliffs Gaze cliffs gaze at
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! Canadian
Uh Huh - S/T Canadian
In a Cold Ass Fashion
Beck - V/A - 110 Below - Trip to the Chip Shop
Interactive CKCU
Thank you so much for the dedication. I miss doing radio and it's only been a week since the last episode. I'm sure I will be back!

9:58 AM, May 26th, 2023
Yeah "Studio J" ... don't forget to block the stairway door open, so you can get back in ... Much Love to Hex Bog!!! Chi-Miiwech

11:20 AM, May 26th, 2023