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Sunday December 25th, 2022 with Day Job Rob
Favourite Releases Of 2022

Boardwalk Bump
The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Step Down - Colemine
(Gonna Get) Hot Tonight
10th Street - 10th Street - Mighty Eye Records
Get It In The Sun
Sai Galaxy - Get It As You Move - Soundway
Sababa 5 - Sababa 5 - Batov Records
Black Star - No Fear Of Time - Self-Released
Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Cheat Codes - BMG
Chowam w Sobie Więcej
WMQ / SZCZYL - Digital Track
Get Da Steppin
The Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Cold As Weiss - Colemine
Shēnzhou V.
YĪN YĪN - The Age of Aquarius - Glitterbeat
Money Music
Surprise Chef - Education & Recreation - Big Crown
Sticky Fingers
The Natural Yogurt Band - Dance The Devil Away - BMM
Ebi Soda - Honk If You’re Sad - Tru Thoughts
Dunas (Live)
Toró Instrumental - Brasil Novo - Música Macondo
The Comet Is Coming - Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam - Impulse!
The Children Of Scorpio
Project Gemini - The Children Of Scorpio - Mr Bongo
Misha Panfilov - Plan X - Funk Night Records
Tigris - U Try - Raw Tapes
Landing and Parking
Amir Bresler - House Of Arches - Raw Tapes
Sven Wunder - Mr Bongo Record Club Number Two - Mr Bongo
Meu Mar
Kikagaku Moyo - Kumoyo Island - Guruguru Brain
Misha Panfilov - The Sea Will Outlive Us All - Miraaž Records
Now (Stars Are Lit)
Alabaster DePlume - Gold - Go Forward In The Courage Of Your Love - International Anthem / Total Refreshment Centre / Lost Map Records
Prowling (Two On The Floor)
Shawn Lee & Misha Panfilov - Space & Tempo - Funk Night Records
Kibrom Birhane - Here & There - Flying Carpet Records
Misha Panfilov - Momentum - 2 Headed Deer
Big K
Y Bülbül, Yumurta - Not One, Not Two - Pingipung
Interactive CKCU
Merry Christmas!🎄

11:50 PM, December 24th, 2022
Day Job Rob (host)
Merry Christmas to you, hillbilly!

12:26 AM, December 25th, 2022
Heavy Ben
Are you the surprise Christmas chef? Or DJ? Thanks for the 22 retro

12:31 AM, December 25th, 2022
Day Job Rob (host)
Thanks for tuning in Heavy Ben. The only Christmas surprise about me is the amount of shortbread I’m going to consume before brunch.

12:37 AM, December 25th, 2022
Heavy Ben
Let me guess. You got a head start on the shortbread tonight? Me too.

12:59 AM, December 25th, 2022
Day Job Rob (host)
Second tin as we speak!

1:03 AM, December 25th, 2022