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Sunday May 29th, 2022 with Day Job Rob
Close Encounters Of A Funky Kind: Blackout Rebroadcast

I hope you are all grooving along without worries. Well, what a week! How is everyone out there? Due to extreme weather, blackouts and loss of routine, a new show was not the top priority this week. But keeping CKCU listeners entertained is still high on the list. So please enjoy a rebroadcast of one of my favourite Split/Shift shows from September 5th last year. It's a good one. Please follow the link provided to view the PLAYLIST and/or comment. Live long and prosper.
There are no tracks in this playlist.
Interactive CKCU
u beamed me up Scottie!;-) tres cool list!

12:41 AM, May 29th, 2022
Day Job Rob (host)
Right on, hillbilly! Thanks! There was joy putting this together.

12:56 AM, May 29th, 2022
Heavy Ben
Hanging in the park with the split shift

1:16 AM, May 29th, 2022
ROIT COOL! i am not normally up for listen live at this clock time. But here we are for a bit, better or worse ..... or surprises. Grooves galore.

1:17 AM, May 29th, 2022
Day Job Rob (host)
HB, you drinking in the shadows again? Cheers for listening!

1:20 AM, May 29th, 2022
Day Job Rob (host)
Hey PeterB, after midnight we let it all hang down!

1:23 AM, May 29th, 2022