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Sunday April 4th, 2021 with Day Job Rob
First Thought, Best Thought

Celebrating Arther Russell. A dive into the music of the avant-garde producer and arranger with highlights of his varied career that includes dance, new wave, folk and orchestral arrangements. Plus loads of other artists.
Hustle (ft. Kojey Radical)
Sons Of Kemet - Black To The Future (2021) - Impulse New
Lab Time
Kid Koala - Floor Kids (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (2018) - Arts & Crafts Canadian
Everything In It’s Right Place
Osunlade - Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads (2006) - Rapster / BBE
Clean On Your Bean #1
Dinosaur L - 12” (1982) - Sleeping Bag Records
Tammy Lakkis - Notice EP (2021) - Portage Garage Sounds Canadian New
Bonobo - Flashlight EP (2014) - Ninja Tune
Is It All Over My Face (Female Voice)(Larry Levan Remix)
Loose Joints - 12” (1980) - West End Records
Coy Haste - Quorum Sensing I (2020) - Stereo Ferment Canadian
Make 1,2
Arthur Russell - Calling Out Of Context (2004) - Audika Records
Indoda (African Repraise)
Bongani GiveThanks - 15 Years of Jazz & Milk (2020) - Jazz & Milk
I Speak Your Body Electric (feat. Ramesh Shotham)
International Noise Orchestra - Internationales Geräuschorchester II (1985) - Ausfahrt Records
R.S.B.D. (TBG Rise and Fall Remix)
Takuya Kuroda - Digital Single (2017) - Concord Music Group
Build Your Crew
Kid Koala - Floor Kids (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (2018) - Arts & Crafts Canadian
Freak Heat Waves - Zap The Planet (2020) - Telephone Explosion Records Canadian
The Inside Game
Royal Trux - The Radio Video EP (1999) - Drag City
State-Of-The Art
The Necessaries - Event Horizon (1982) - Sire
Uke Puke
Black Mold - Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz (2009) - Flemish Eye Canadian
Hey You
Dope Lemon - Smooth Big Cat (2019) - BMG
More Real
The Necessaries - Event Horizon (1982) - Sire
Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart
Arthur Russell - Love Is Overtaking Me (2016) - Audika Records
Instrumentals Volume 1 (Part 1)
Arthur Russell - Instrumentals (2017) - Audika Records
Too Beautiful to Work
The Luyas - Too Beautiful to Work (2011) - Dead Oceans Canadian
Lost Tribe
Powerman - Lost Tribe 12” (1983) - Battery Sound
Arthur Russell plays cello on the above track which I forgot to mention in the broadcast.
Arthur Russell - Corn (2016) - Audika Records
A Little Lost
Arthur Russell - Another Thought (1993) - Point Music
Lucky Cloud
Arthur Russell - World Of Echo (1986) - Upside Records
Arthur Russell - World Of Echo (1986) - Upside Records
Tower Of Meaning (Part 1)
Arthur Russell - Tower Of Meaning (1983) - Chatham Square
Ballad of the Lights (1977)
Arthur Russell and The Flying Hearts feat. Allen Ginsberg - Digital Single (2016) - Audika Records
Interactive CKCU
Heavy Ben
Always appreciate a dive into Arthur Russell's catalogue, which seems to be expanding each year. Quite a feat for an artist to have more posthumous albums!

12:57 AM, April 4th, 2021
Day Job Rob (host)
Cheers for tuning in Ben. Arthur left 1000+ tapes behind from what seems every genre. The gift that keeps on giving.

1:03 AM, April 4th, 2021