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Rainbow Country
Friday September 4th, 2020 with Mark Tara
The Last Porno Show

RAINBOW COUNTRY A 2 HOUR Syndicated Gay radio show & #1 LGBT Podcast Working to give voice to the LGBT Community & BEYOND! ON EPISODE 213: The Last Porno Show Composer Arranger Radio Host Musician Record Collector Devon Goldberg Joins me to talk about Creating the SCORE for the Canadian Dark Dramedy The Last Porno Show A FLASHBACK to my 2019 TIFF Interview With the DIRECTOR of the The Last Porno Show Kire Paputts RAINBOW COUNTRY CONTRIBUTOR Musician & LGBT Activist Anna Gutmanis shares her thoughts On the UPCOMING US election Throughout the episode I feature the music from the SOUNDTRACK of The Last Porno Show

Devon Goldberg - The Last Porno Show Soundtrack
Interactive CKCU
Dave Aardvark (host)
killer soundtrack emanations!

12:58 AM, September 4th, 2020