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Chance Meeting
Friday February 16th, 2024 with Heavy Ben
Black History Month: Psychedelic Rock in 1970s Nigeria

Chance meeting on a rock exponent of fuzz and danger Thank you Soundway records for re-issuing much of this material over the past 20 years to to ears that otherwise would not hear this music. Pictured: Ofege was formed in the early 1970s by a bunch of teenage hippies at St. Gregory's College in the Obalende area of Lagos, Nigeria. Ofege was largely influenced by the guitar solos of Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Francis Rossi, and the criss-cross rhythms of Osibisa. At home, they were influenced by the music of BLO (Berkley Jones, Laolu Akins and Mike Odumosu), Monomono (led by Joni Haastrup), The Funkees, and Ofo The Black Company. Comband Razor said "It's clear that for Ofege, songs were largely incidental, little more than excuses to launch into insane, distorted guitar solos. It's also very clear that they smoked a lot of weed." Their first album was recorded while the band members were still in high school (average age of 16). Due to their vibrant combo of sweet harmonies, hooks & fuzz, they would become one of the most legendary Nigerian groups of all time, with impressive sales and national stardom. However, with only four albums released through 1978 and no recognition outside Nigeria, Ofege’s short career would only be rediscovered with the turn of the century. (to embiggen the show icon, right-click and choose "Open image in new tab")
Miss "Sagitt"
BLO - Chapter One - EMI - 1973
Deiyo Deiyo (Akpulunwobi)
The Hykkers - 7" - His Master's Voice - 1972
Adieau (Adieu)
Ofege - The Last Of The Origins - EMI - 1976
Mr. Bull Dog
The Mebusas - 7" - Afrodisia - 1972
Another Man’s Thing
Joe King Kologbo & His Black Sound - 7" - Afrodisia - 1973
Akula Owu Onyeara
The Funkees - 7" - His Master's Voice - 1972
E Jek'A Mura Sise (E Je 'A Mura Sise)
Monomono - Give The Beggar A Chance - His Master's Voice - 1973
The Lijadu Sisters - Danger - Decca - 1976
Ottoto Shamoleda
Colomach - Colomach - EMI - 1974
We'll Get Home
The Wings - Kissing You So Hard - Capitol - 1974
Oli Nkwu
Cicada - 7" - Afrodisia - 1971
In The Jungle
The Hygrades - 7" - His Master's Voice - 1972
Akwa Kayi Ji Bia Nuwa
The Identicals - Rock Exponent - EMI - 1977
Sonny Okosuns & Paperback Limited - 7" - His Master's Voice - 1971
Interactive CKCU
Ben Armstrong (host)
It's Fuzz Guitar Friday

3:03 PM, February 16th, 2024
Dad & The Dancing Labrador
Can't wait to hear Ofege. Love the education, Ben

3:04 PM, February 16th, 2024
Hi Heavy Ben, sounds great!

3:09 PM, February 16th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks D&TDL, Ofege groove hard!

3:10 PM, February 16th, 2024
Napalm Dan
Was particularly digging the current track so logged in to see who it was and alas, Ofege! Great tune. Happy Fuzzy Friday.

3:12 PM, February 16th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Candace! See you in the booth next month perhaps...

3:13 PM, February 16th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Salut Napalm Dan. You been digging some Zam-rock of late?

3:14 PM, February 16th, 2024
Napalm Dan
We Intend To Cause Hearing more zam-rock. Haven't gone out of my way to track down much more recently. This show is indeed putting it back in mind!

3:27 PM, February 16th, 2024
Psychedelic 70s is kind of a fuzzy memory for me 😵‍💫

3:39 PM, February 16th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.

3:42 PM, February 16th, 2024
Neil and his dancing Labrador
We need to make Fuzzy Guitar Day a national holiday lmao. Wahwahwah

3:50 PM, February 16th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
If the Labrador dances, we will bring the fuzz

3:58 PM, February 16th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks for joining Chance Meeting today. Catch you tomorrow night at 8pm on Heavy Friends for a few of my favourite princes of reggae.

3:59 PM, February 16th, 2024