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Chance Meeting
Friday December 8th, 2023 with Bruce Walton
the present day composer refuses to die!

Filling in today for Heavy Ben. Pretty quiet to start; quite lively at the end.
The Whole Point Of No Return
Robert Wyatt - Shleep (1997)
Edgard Varese composed "Density 21.5" in 1936 at the request of Georges Barrere for the premiere of his platinum flute. The density of platinum is close to 21.5 grams/cc. Claire Chase's multi-year Density project of commissions, performances, recordings and education will end in 2036, the anniversary of Varese's composition.
Density 21.5 (Edgard Varese)
Claire Chase - Density (2013)
19th Century French
Philip Glass & Foday Musa Suso - Music From "The Screens" (1990)
Don Thompson & Rob Piltch - Bells (1982) Canadian
A Fond Farewell
Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet - One Dance Alone (2008)
In Season
Freddie Stone - In Season (1986) Canadian
Changes Are Still Happening
Harry Beckett - Joy Unlimited (1974)
Nameless Child
Karl Berger & Paul Shigihara - S/T (1991)
Joe Chambers (drums & vibes) - Mirrors (1999)
Danelectro 1
Yo La Tengo - Danelectro ep (2000)
Camel Walk
John Abercrombie & George Marsh - Drum Strum (1984)
Peter Green recorded The End Of The Game almost immediately after he left Fleetwood Mac. Due to mental health struggles, he did not record again until 1979.
Hidden Depth
Peter Green - The End Of The Game (1970)
Frank Zappa heard Edgard Varese's music in the 1950's and was thrilled. For his 15th birthday in 1955, his mother paid for a long distance call from California to NYC. He and Varese spoke and discussed a possible meeting, which never happened, but he did receive a letter from Varese, which he framed and kept in his home studio. Varese was a key figure in the International Composers Guild which promoted modern composers like Bela Bartok, Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg, and others. The ICG's motto was "the present-day composer refuses to die"; Zappa reproduced it under Relevant Quotes in the notes to Freak Out!, the first Mothers of Invention album. Other Relevant Quotes were "I'd like to clean you boys up a bit and mold you. I believe I could make you as big as the Turtles (A Noted LA Disc Jockey) and "No commercial potential" (A Very Important Man At Columbia Records)
Twenty Small Cigars (rec. 1969 as part of the Hot Rats sessions)
Frank Zappa - Chunga's Revenge (1970)
These four selections from Dutch band New Cool Collective provide the groove quotient for today's show, but their music covers other styles as well. The album title "Hollandse Meesters" translates, as you might guess, as "Dutch Masters", a term from the art world, but here refers to cover versions of well-known popular Dutch songs.
Onderweg (en route)
New Cool Collective (Guus Meeuwis vcl) - Hollandse Meesters (2014)
Skuzzy Skank
New Cool Collective - Out Of Office (2008)
Thierno Koité was a long-time member of Super Étoile de Dakar, the band in which Youssou N'Dour got his start, and currently leads Orchestra Baobab.
New Cool Collective w/Thierno Koité - New Cool Collective Big Band (2016)
Movin On Out (orig. Eddie Harris 1969)
New Cool Collective - More! Soul Jazz Latin Flavours 90's Vibes (1998)
Interactive CKCU
Dave Aardvark (host)
Cool, thanks Bruce!

3:27 PM, December 8th, 2023
Bruce Walton (host)
You're welcome sir.

3:37 PM, December 8th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Well, this is easy. Thanks Bruce! In case you have not heard the latest "Yo La Tengo" album, I recommend "This Stupid World".

3:42 PM, December 8th, 2023
Bruce Walton (host)
My pleasure Ben. Thanks for the YLT tip.

3:57 PM, December 8th, 2023
Lovin' the (Joe Chambers) vibes. So good. Thanks!

7:26 PM, December 12th, 2023