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Chance Meeting
Friday June 11th, 2021 with Heavy Ben
Hazel Scott and an empty apology

Chance meeting on the land of the free of a witch hunt and a fauxpology Pictured: Hazel Scott before the groundless accusations of the "House Un-American Activities Committee" maliciously destroyed her career
Born today in 1920

Who was the the first black woman to host a television show? Three decades before Oprah, Hazel Scott did just that. She was a bona fide star, made recordings with Charles Mingus and Max Roach, appeared in movies, and married a well-known congressman fighting for civil rights. But, it went to hell and the history books are unfair. Due to a combination of collusion, racism, and McCarthy-ism, Scott was driven out of the business and eventually the country for being "un-American".
Hazel's Boogie Woogie
Hazel Scott - Her Second Album Of Piano Solos With Drums Acc. - Decca - 1942
The White Keys and the Black Keys
Hazel Scott - The Heat's On (musical movie) - Mills Music Inc. - 1943
Venez Donc Chez Moi
Hazel Scott - Hazel Scott Joue Et Chante - Polydor - 1957
The Jeep Is Jumpin'
Hazel Scott, Charlie Mingus, Max Roach [orig. Duke Ellington] - Relaxed Piano Moods - Debut - 1955
What Ever Happened to Hazel Scott?
Eve Goldberg - - 2016
This bio "What Ever Happened to Hazel Scott?" works well for radio, and if you enjoyed it please check out the video and support the documentary film-maker Eve Goldberg.
Git Up From There
Hazel Scott, Charlie Mingus, Max Roach - Relaxed Piano Moods - Debut - 1955
On S'est Aimé Si Tendrement
Hazel Scott - Viens Danser - Polydor - 1958
Round Midnight
Hazel Scott [orig. Thelonious Monk] - Round Midnight - Decca - 1957
An empty apology made today in 2013

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada was established on June 1 2008 with the purpose of documenting the history and lasting impacts of the Canadian Indian residential school system on Indigenous students and their families. On June 11 2013, Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized for the role of past governments in administration of the residential schools.

"That there is the problem. Reconciliation doesn’t even properly identify the issue at hand, that we need to collectively put our heads together and work on as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples on this land that we now share. Reconciliation is structurally ill-equipped to deal with that because it doesn’t recognize that as a problem. That’s why you can have Harper apologize in 2008 for the residential system, and one year later at the G20 meeting in Pennsylvania, say Canada has no history of colonialism. Because they’re entirely conceptually distinct, because reconciliation, as it’s framed by Canadian policy makers, is not about colonialism, it’s about what it would like to think is a misguided humanitarian project that was undertaken in the form of residential schools."
- Glen Coulthard, Yellowknives Dene First Nation
Wolves Don't Live By The Rules
Willie Thrasher - Spirit Child - Boot Records - 1981 Canadian
School Days
Willie Dunn - Willie Dunn - Kot'Ai - 1972 Canadian
Kill'n Your Mind
Willy Mitchell and Desert River Band - Sweet Grass Music/Native North America (Vol. 1) - Enregistrement Riobert/LITA - 1980/2014 Canadian
Bush Lady, part 1
Alanis Obomsawin - Bush Lady - WaWa Productions - 1985 Canadian
The genocide basic to this country's birth is ongoing
Buffy Sainte-Marie - - 2021 Canadian New
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Thank-you for putting together such a great episode.

4:02 PM, June 11th, 2021
Fantastic show.. Hazel Scott....What an amazing women. Thank you

8:53 PM, June 11th, 2021
Wow! Hazel Scott! She's so inspiring.

9:48 PM, June 15th, 2021