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Chance Meeting
Friday April 2nd, 2021 with Heavy Ben
Electric Theatre

Chance meeting on a silver screen of electricity and theatre In spring 1902, Thomas L. Tally opened his Electric Theater in Los Angeles, a radical new venture devoted to movies and other high-tech devices of the era, like audio recordings. Tally was the first person to offer a modern multimedia entertainment experience to the American public. Before long, his successful movie palace produced imitators nationally, which would become known as nickelodeons. America's love affair with the moving image – from the silver screen to YouTube – would endure after all. Initially, motion pictures were not accepted by the upper class. They regarded them as “common” because of their popularity among the lower class. The original storefront movie “theaters” were likened to fleapits because they were tacky, plain, smoke-filled, and bug-infested. However, in an attempt to attract the upper-class society, proprietors decided to construct and renovate new theaters with painted walls, comfortable seating, better-quality sound, and well-dressed ushers. The first structure built during this reconstruction period was Tally’s Electric Theatre. On this day, April 2, in 1902, Tally’s Electric Theatre was established in downtown Los Angeles as the first theater built only for motion pictures. Moving pictures had been seen in France and other parts of the U.S., but the Electric Theatre was the only theatre dedicated to showing moving pictures exclusively. The theatre was originally opened between the hours of 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., but with such high demand, owner Thomas Lincoln Tally was forced to run matinees. The ten-cent tickets sold out every showing, and the Electric Theatre was deemed to be the “new place of amusement.” The original storefront Tally’s Electric Theatre put Los Angeles on the map as the movie capital of the world. It was later renamed The Lyric Theatre and was the start of the Hollywood revolution.
Heat Haze 1
Paul Kass (Johnny Hawksworth) - Landscapes - Parry Music Library - 1985 Canadian
Dum Maro Dum
R.D. Burman & Asha Bhosle - Haré Rama Haré Krishna - Odeon / His Master's Voice - 1971
Don't Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone
Can - Soundtracks (from the motion picture Cream) - Liberty - 1970
Embrace Euphoria
Black Mountain - Year Zero - Jagjaguwar - 2012 Canadian
Under Stars
Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno - Apollo - Atmospheres & Soundtracks - EG - 1983 Canadian
Dracula Packs
Nash The Slash - Nosferatu - Cut-Throat Records - 2001 Canadian
Gordon Deppe & Sandy Horne (Spoons) - Listen To The City - Ready Records - 1984 Canadian
Shawn Lee - Under The Sun - Ubiquity - 2008
Dying for the Cause
Marc Mac - The Invisible Soldiers - Omniverse Recordings - 2020
Cycles of the Serpent 1
Bruce Lacey - The Spacey Bruce Lacey - Film Music And Improvisations Vol. 2 - Trunk - 2014 (rec. 1970s)
Born today: Marvin Gaye (1939-1984), Serge Gainsbourg (1928-1991)
The Break In (Police Shoot Big)
Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man - Tamla - 1972
Serge Gainsbourg avec Jean-Claude Vannier - Bande Originale Du Film "Cannabis" - Philips - 1970
Murder Was The Case (Remix)
Snoop Doggy Dogg (prod. Dr. Dre) - Murder Was The Case (Music Was The Gift They Gave Me) - Death Row - 1994
Beautiful Object
Glass Candy - A Beautiful Now - Italians Do It Better - 2017 (rec. 2011)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Spheres: A Virtual Reality Experience - Lakeshore - 2018
バースのテーマ (Bith Theme)
久石 譲 (Joe Hisaishi) - Birth - Victor - 1984
Bruce Mitchell - Future Motion - Parry Music Library - 1984 Canadian
Na Na Na Yeh Kya Karne Lage Ho
Kalyanji-Anandji & Hemlata - Bombay 405 Miles - Polydor - 1980
Interactive CKCU
Bon après-midi d'Orford, QC! Chance Meeting is now the soundtrack to our vacation.

3:03 PM, April 2nd, 2021
Hi Ben! Tuned in and particularly excited for this Chance Meeting! Love that Parry Music Library Stuff you've been serving up!

3:07 PM, April 2nd, 2021
Heavy Ben
Salut Dandy! Enjoying the day of not work? We are.

3:08 PM, April 2nd, 2021
Heavy Ben
Hey Phooknüticus - you got me in the soundtrack vibes with the latest installment in the Heavy Friends series. Y'all should check it. It was about time to take a dip in the soundtrack section mice elf.

3:10 PM, April 2nd, 2021
Wow! Loved that Bruce Lacey stuff.

3:31 PM, April 2nd, 2021
Days of not work are good, but a week of not work is even better ;) That Serge Gainsbourg track sounds like a particularly funky Air song.

3:36 PM, April 2nd, 2021
Heavy Ben
Right on, there are two volumes of the Spacey Bruce Lacey and it gets out there

3:50 PM, April 2nd, 2021
Heavy Ben
Lots of S.Gainsbourg and J-C.Vannier to explore that certainly influenced Air

3:51 PM, April 2nd, 2021