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Wednesday October 6th, 2021 with Harri
Catchin' Up

I couldn't make a show last week because I had a really bad cold. And the week before that, I had to rush the show because I lost my first recording of it. But this week I'm back and better than ever! So join me for a catch up and some sweet music.
Holly Humberstone - The Walls Are Way Too Thin
Do You Think I'm Special?
DAMEFRIS├śR - Do You Think I'm Special? - Single
Everyone I've Never Met
Leith Ross - Motherwell Canadian
Paper Knees
The Careful Ones - Moths, Flames, Etc.
Novo Amor & Ed Tullett - Heiress
Edwin Raphael - Ocean Walk Canadian
Miss You
Dave Monks - All Signs Point to Yes - EP Canadian
The Machine
Anjulie - The Machine - Single
10 Things
Chloe Lilac - 10 Things - Single
As Bis As All Outside
Ducks Ltd. - Get Bleak Canadian
Sippin Bucky
Josh McClorey - Sippin Bucky - EP
Bakers Moves
Jaunt - All In One Canadian
Interactive CKCU
mike p
appreciate hearing about university struggles experienced severe struggles there too though never academic rest of the world 1 or 2 in the tower too

3:34 PM, October 6th, 2021
GET WELL SOON virtual friend and virtual mutual bad luck charm! YES, PEEPS, get vaxed, were a mask and all that community-responsive stuff.

4:25 PM, October 6th, 2021