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Wednesday March 31st, 2021 with Harri
Surviving Semester Summer Shutdown Suffering

It's crunch time, which means it's the most stressful time of the year. Join me with funny stories, constant complaining, and songs to match the mood
Surfaces - Horizons
Olivia (Bonus Track)
Canyon City - Midnight Waves
Wish You Weren't Mine
Dylan - Red - EP
Sunday Morning
Chiiild - Synthetic Soul Canadian
Primrose Hill
Dizzy - The Sun And Her Scorch Canadian
White Knuckles
Ula - White Knuckles - Singl
Tired of Me
Alice Kristiansen - Streelights - EP
Take Me
heyJ - Take Me - Single
I Love You Too
Peter McPoland - I Love You Too - Single
Joshua Hyslop - Echos Canadian
Weighty Ghost
Wintersleep - Welcome To The Night Sky Canadian
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