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Wednesday March 10th, 2021 with Harri
Trying to Feel Normal

I've been doing a lot of stuff now that I'm back in Ottawa to make everything feel a bit more normal. Here is what I've learned!
Officer of Love
Caamp - Officer of Love - Single
Rayland Baxter - Feathers & FishHooks
Black Dog
The Polar Boys - Black Dog - Single New
Mars! - Cravings - Single Canadian
Useless Nights
Gord Downie - Away Is Mine Canadian
Valley - This Room Is White Canadian
the world & all her pearls
Isaac Dunbar - evil twin
Damn Bean
John-Robert - Damn Bean - Single
The Future of an End
Woodlock - The Future of an End
Flowers In the WIndow
Travis - The Invisible Band
New Truth
Half Moon Run - A Blemish in the Great Light Canadian
Interactive CKCU