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Wednesday March 4th, 2020 with Harri
Best 2% of the year!

Today my guest and I cover all Fall O. So get pumped because we are!
circle the drain
Soccer Mommy - color theory
I'll Be Around
Garrett Kato - I'll Be Around - Single Canadian
Handsome Ghost - Massachusetts - Single
Bad Happens
Jon Bryant - Bad Happens - Single Canadian
Saturday Night
Yukon Blonde - On Blonde Canadian
Endless Hike
Thad Kopec - Endless Hike - Single
Girl Named Surrender
Phillip LaRue - Girl Named Surrender - Single
Never Tear Us Apart
The National - Never Tear Us Apart - Single
u know it's real
Ant Saunders - u know it's real - Single
Missed Connection
The Head and the Heart - Living Mirage
Interactive CKCU
Aunt D
Hi Callie!

3:48 PM, March 4th, 2020
Aunt D
Can Aunts, cousins and moms come to the party!?

4:04 PM, March 4th, 2020
Aunt D
Btw, I got you on some donations for Shinerama!!!

4:17 PM, March 4th, 2020
Aunt D
Is this where you get all your cool music??

4:19 PM, March 4th, 2020
Aunt D

4:19 PM, March 4th, 2020
Aunt D
Do we still have the horse head?

4:22 PM, March 4th, 2020
Lauren Grizzly to sign up to be a facilitator and enjoy the best 2% of the year!!

4:26 PM, March 4th, 2020