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Wednesday February 5th, 2020 with Harri
Struggling with Sickness

I had a whole other plan for this week until I woke up on Tuesday very ill. So what do you say we role with it? Counting down the best parts of being sick!
Dizzy - Heavy/Twist - EP Canadian
Ms. California
Beach Bunny - Honeymoon Canadian
Silk for Gold
Caveboy - Silk for Gold - Single Canadian
DOLKINS - Life is Strange Cover - Partie 1 - EP
Realize Real Eyes
Said The Whale - As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide
The Paper Kites - On The Train Ride Home
Deep Burn Blue
The Paper KItes - On the Corner Where You Live
Something More
Joshua Hyslop - Something More - Single Canadian New
Should Have Known Better
Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
Favourite Boy
Half Moon Run - A Blemish in the Great Light Canadian
Bury Us
The Naked and the Famous - Bury Us/Sunseeker - Single Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Dr. glenn ;-)
All CKCU fans sending healin' vibes... thanks for the work & great tunes!

4:03 PM, February 5th, 2020