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Wednesday October 6th, 2021 with Carolyn Harris
This week, we'll be listening to a re-broadcast of my interview with Sarina Farb, who tells me about her experiences growing up in a vegan family. We also discuss industry influence over scientific research and what's wrong with lab-grown "meat".

This week, we'll hear a re-broadcast of my interview with the vegan advocate Sarina Farb. Sarina lives in the Midwestern United States and has been a vegan for her entire life. She is the host of the YouTube channel Born Vegan and the host of the Science is Gray podcast. She previously served as the international liaison for the film-making organization Tribe of Heart, and she was a co-founder and co-host of the 2020 Climate Diet Summit. Sarina holds degrees in biochemistry and policy studies and formerly was a high school science teacher. In this interview, Sarina speaks about her experiences growing up in a vegan family. She explains how these experiences have influenced the way she views the world, why she never wanted to stop being vegan, and why it isn’t fair to accuse vegan parents of "forcing" their children to be vegan. We also discuss why Sarina started her science podcast, how corporations influence scientific research, and why lab-grown meat is not the solution to the problem of animal exploitation.
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