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Wednesday September 29th, 2021 with Carolyn Harris
This week, the animal rights advocate Jeremy Hess speaks about animal rights theory, the importance of animal sanctuaries, and unlearning speciesist language.

This week, I am very happy to present my interview with the animal rights advocate Jeremy Hess. Jeremy has been a vegan for more than 7 years and has been involved in various forms of animal rights advocacy, including volunteering at sanctuaries, giving speeches about veganism and animal rights, creating YouTube videos, doing street outreach, and more. On his website and his YouTube Channel, he provides resources to help advocates use accurate and non-speciesist language and learn about animal rights theory. He is currently working to create a vegan microsanctuary to provide a home for rescued animals in the United States. In this interview, Jeremy tells his story of becoming vegan and embracing a rights-based approach to animal advocacy. We also discuss how we can avoid using speciesist language in our advocacy and our everyday lives, and whether there is a difference between the words “exploitation” and “use”. Jeremy describes the importance of sanctuaries in the animal rights movement, how veganism is connected to animal rights, how we can respond to the "plants" objection to veganism, and what is the best thing about being vegan in his experience. Links: Jeremy's YouTube channel: Vegan Interactions (free resources for going vegan and doing vegan advocacy): Respect Animal Sanctuary: Always for Animal Rights blog:
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