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Wednesday May 26th, 2021 with Carolyn Harris
The legal expert Dr. Jeanette Rowley returns to the show to discuss the rights of vegans to live in accordance with our ethics. We discuss the UK Equality Act, "creed" in Ontario law, mandatory vaccination policies, marginalization of vegans, and more.

This week, I am very happy to present my second interview with Dr. Jeanette Rowley, a leading expert in the field of vegan rights law. Jeanette is the author of a book titled, “Towards a Vegan Jurisprudence: The Need for a Reorientation of Human Rights” (, which shares its title with her PhD on the same topic. In 2012, she founded the International Vegan Rights Alliance, which has since become the International Rights Network of the Vegan Society. In this interview, Jeanette speaks about the importance of advocating for vegan rights, and she outlines some instances in which vegans have needed to advocate for our rights. She also tells me about the significance of veganism being deemed a protected belief under the UK Equality Act, whether veganism could be considered a “creed” under Ontario human rights law, and how the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas can inform our approach to vegan rights. Finally, we discuss whether vegans may be exempt from mandatory vaccines, the marginalization of vegans in society, and vegan rights within the education system. These are fascinating and important topics, so I hope you'll tune in! The Always for Animal Rights blog can be found at
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