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Wednesday April 7th, 2021 with Carolyn
This week, we'll be listening to my interview with the virtue ethicist and author, Professor Carlo Alvaro. In this interview, we discuss what Virtue Ethics is and how it leads to veganism, why vegans should reject lab meat, and more.

This week, I am pleased to present my interview with the virtue ethicist, ethical vegan, and author Carlo Alvaro. Carlo is an Associate Professor of philosophy at CUNY New York City College of Technology. He is the author of Ethical Veganism, Virtue Ethics, and the Great Soul, published in 2019, as well as Raw Veganism: The Philosophy of The Human Diet, which published in 2020. His third book, The Book of Raw, will be published by Lantern Publishing & Media in November 2021. In this interview, Carlo tells me about what led him to become a vegan, and he explains the philosophy of Virtue Ethics and how it leads to veganism. Then we discuss why vegans should reject lab-grown meat and whether it’s problematic to consume plant-based replicas of animal products. Carlo also speaks about a particular issue that we’ll need to address in order to achieve a vegan world. As my listeners are probably already aware, I promote a rights-based approach to animal ethics. At the same time, I think that Virtue Ethics also provides valuable insights into ethical questions. Carlo's academic journal articles about Virtue Ethics and veganism, which you can find on his page (, are a good place to start if you'd like to learn more about a virtue-oriented approach to veganism. The Always for Animal Rights blog can be found at
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