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Wednesday October 9th, 2019 with Carolyn
On today's show is an interview with Shaun Hofer about an animal bill of rights that would guarantee non-human animals the right to not exploited or killed by humans. After that, we'll hear from Jeanette Rowley of the International Rights Network.

Welcome to the October 9th, 2019 episode of Always for Animal Rights! There are two interviews on today's show. First up on today's show is my interview with Shaun Hofer, a Calgary-based animal rights activist. Shaun recently underwent a 60-hour hunger strike to advocate for an animal bill of rights called Rose's Law. Actions for Rose's Law took place around the world last week. I interviewed Shaun on October 1st, while he was part-way through the hunger strike. After that, we listen to my interview with Jeanette Rowley. Being animal rights activists and vegans in a society in which the exploitation of other animals is seen as the norm, sometimes we need to advocate for our right to live as vegans. Jeanette Rowley is the founder of the International Vegan Rights Alliance, which is now a part of the Vegan Society in the UK and is known as the International Rights Network. Recently she spoke to me about why vegans' rights need to be protected, what vegans can do when they feel their rights aren't being respected, and how she entered the field of vegan rights law. You can find Always for Animal Rights on Facebook at The blog can be found at
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4:49 PM, October 9th, 2019