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Hexon Bogon
Friday August 12th, 2022 with Adriana Ciccone
FACT: Listening to new tunes will reduce humidity by 30%! (Not based on scientific evidence. ;) )

In this episode, you'll hear new music by Imrryr, Brutus, worriedaboutsatan, thisquietarmy x Sleeplwalker, Allister Thompson - The Gateless Gate, Wilhaeven, and Russian Circles. On August 13th, Raphael Weinroth-Browne will be performing in Perth, Ontario at the Studio Theatre Perth. For more information please see event link here:
Agaden Reach
Imrryr - Agaden Reach - self-released New
Brutus - Unison Life - Sargent House New
Brutus - Unison Life - Sargent House New
worriedaboutsatan - Glass Infinites - self-released New
How Does It Feel, What Do You Think? Are You Happy?
worriedaboutsatan - Glass Infinites - self-released New
thisquietarmy x Sleepwalker - 8493 - Ksenza Records Canadian New
Ultima Thule
Allister Thompson - The Gateless Gate - Hinterlands - self-released Canadian
Cloud Cover
Wilhaeven - Various Artist - Fushigi One - The Seed - Childhood Intelligence Worldwide Canadian New
Russian Circles - Gnosis - Sargent House New
Interactive CKCU
Diggiin' the spooky stuff!

11:06 AM, August 12th, 2022
Holy F at the Bronson next week. Are you going?

11:16 AM, August 12th, 2022
Adriana Ciccone (host)
Hi PB, Thanks for tuning in. Today's tracks are pretty awesome. Have a great weekend!

1:17 PM, August 12th, 2022
Adriana Ciccone (host)
Hi MarkieRedd, I have tickets to see Raphael Weinroth-Browne Saturday night. I just had my infusion today though so we'll see how I feel. Are you going? Thanks for tuning in and I hope you have a great time if you do go!

1:19 PM, August 12th, 2022
I certainly am. If you go I'll buy you a drink and say hi. Thanks for the great music

3:01 PM, August 12th, 2022