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Hexon Bogon
Sunday December 29th, 2019 with Adriana Ciccone
I'll have two great interviews for today's show: Jasmine Landau of Au Vol and Uddipan Sarmah of aswekeepsearching! Plus a run-through of some of this year's releases.

I'll have two great interviews for today's show: Jasmine Landau of Au Vol and Uddipan Sarmah of aswekeepsearching! Plus a run-through of some of this year's releases.
Yarns - Winter.Spring. Canadian New
Chernobyl Birds
Au Vol - Chernobyl Birds Canadian
Interview with Jasmine Landau of Au Vol
The Elegant Riverbed
Au Vol - Chernobyl Birds Canadian
Veil of Darkness
yeule - Serotonin II - bayonet records Canadian New
Svekets Prins
Opeth - In Cauda Venenum - Nuclear Blast Records New
Jake Ryan (He doesn’t even know I exist)
Arson As Art - Jake Ryan (He doesn’t even know I exist) - Band Geek Records New
In Dead Silence, Hang Your Ghosts
The Shaking Sensations - How Are We To Fight Blight? - Pelagic Records New
Robert and Gerda
Her Name Is Calla - Animal Choir - Dunk! Records
Empty Cabinets
Circus Trees - Sakura - Five By Two Records
Joy Is On Her Mount And Death Is At Her Side
SING SINCK, SING - are SING SINCK, SING - Constellation Records Canadian
Interview with Uddipan Sarmah of aswekeepsearching
Chasing Light
aswekeepsearching - Rooh New
aswekeepsearching - Rooh New
Lungbutter - Honey - Constellation Records Canadian
Dry Ice
Atsuko Chiba - Trace - Mothland Records Canadian
The Artist / Seventh Dimension
salami rose joe louis - Zdenka 2080 - Brainfeeder
The Moon Into Blood
A Headless Horse - Belong/The Moon Into Blood - self-released New
May Failure Be Your Noose
Lingua Ignota - Caligula - Sargent House
Babylon The Great, Pt. 3
Ranges - Babel - A Thousand Arms New
Arka Morgana
Myriad Drone - Arka Morgana - Self-released New
Cloud Cover
Merganzer - Montage - So Sorry Records Canadian New
Holding Pattern
BIG|BRAVE - A Gaze Among Them - Southern Lord Canadian
The Age of Decay
Spotlights - Love & Decay - Ipecac Recordings
When Waves Collide - EP I - self-released New
Room Control - Maybe Too Broken - self-released Canadian New
The Night Watch - An Embarrassment of Riches - self-released Canadian New
Flying Horses - Reverie - Bonsound Canadian
Ashes to Ashes
Jenny Hval - The Practice of Love - Sacred Bones Records New
Watcher of the Abyss
PSOTY - Sunless - self-released New
Forgotten Instincts
Often the Thinker - Greatest Possible Tenderness - self-released
Winter Light
Horseman, Pass By. - All Cursed Are Mirrors - Black Bough Records Canadian
The Canyon
Pray For Sound - Waves - A Thousand Arms & Dunk! Records New
Agnus Dei
Labirinto - Divino Afflante Spiritu - Pelagic Records and Dissenso Records
Brutus - Nest - Hassle Records (Europe) / Sargent House (ROTW)
The End Of The Ocean - -aire - Equal Vision Records
underhand - The Secret History of Nothing - self-released New
Ego Ideal
Harborlights - Isolation Ritual - Deathwish Records New
Augure - Apnea - self-released
Erie, PA
Chautauqua - EP1 - self-released Canadian
Inner Paths (to Outer Space)
Blood Incantation - Hidden History of the Human Race - Dark Descent Records New
Interactive CKCU
Adriana Ciccone (host)
Wishing everyone an awesome New Year filled with health, happiness and lots of incredible music!

6:01 AM, December 29th, 2019
Awesome program. You included some of my 2019 favorites as well, Spotlights, Underhand, Ranges, Pray For Sound. Great show and keep it up.

6:25 AM, December 29th, 2019
Adriana Ciccone (host)
Thanks so much Chris! Reading that means a lot to me!! Thanks for tuning in!!

6:28 AM, December 29th, 2019