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The Bear Necessities
Tuesday March 3rd, 2020 with Lester Bear
Laundry Night In Canada - Songs from Pouzzafest - Where Poutine, Pizza and Punk meet

Playing songs from artists at Montreal's Punk Festival coming in May
High Hopes
Like A Motorcycle - High Hopes - 1003802 Records DK Canadian
Bubble Tea Boy
Fettish - Bubble Tea Boy (single) - Independent Canadian
Vinyl Underground
The Bad Signs - Vinyl Underground (single) - Lemon Glove Records New
Laundry Night In Canada
School Damage - F###in' Rights - 781182 Records DK Canadian
Spin My History
The Penske File - Salvation - Stomp Records Canadian
Black Widow Woman
Gallows Bound - Gallows Bound - Independent
Presents: Normal
The Homeless Gospel Choir - 1983 - A-F Records
Call Before You Dig
Propaghandi - Victory Lap - Epitaph Canadian
Belvedere - The Revenge of the Fifth - Independent Canadian
Go Betty Go - Nothing Is More - Side One Dummy Records
Silence Is A Gift
War On Women - Capture The Flag - Bridge Nine Records
Forgot to Let Go
The Real Sickies - Out In Space - Independent Canadian
Dilly Dally - Sore Canadian
Bandaid Brigade - I'm Seperate New
Bikini Kill - The Singles
My Mother and the Devil
Austin Lucas - Immortal Americans - Cornelius Chapel Records
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