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The Bear Necessities
Tuesday September 3rd, 2019 with Lester Bear
Sharing a Slice of Black Forest

We will be featuring punk artists that will be playing on the Black Forest stage at this year's Beau's Oktoberfest - September 20-21 in Vankleek Hill.
Paper Pusher
The Highdives - Ocean's Blood - Independent Canadian
Need Some Sound
The Hallions - The Hallions EP - Independent Canadian
Oakhearts - Oakhearts - Independent Canadian
Cartes sur table
L'Affaire Pelican - Le Moins Pire - Independent Canadian
The Kids
Pale Lips - After Dark - Independent Canadian
French for High Tension
The Readys - Songs That Sound The Same - Independent Canadian
August 29th
Bussieres - Sunny Side Up - Thousand Island Records Canadian
All I Know
John Creeden & the Flying Hellfish - Stall - Independent Canadian
AA Oh No!
Fairmounts - Kiddo - Independent Canadian
Wonderful Life
Audio Visceral - Cildce Bihaver - Sudden Death Records Canadian
Sheriff of St-Sandwich
Lost Love - Good Luck Rassco - Independent Canadian
Spin My History
The Penske File - Salvation - Stomp Records Canadian
Bastard Of The Bunch
The Peelers - Palace Of The Fiend - Independent Canadian
Dig Myself Out
Mobina Galore - Dig Myself Out - New Damage records Canadian
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