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Mystic & Severe
Thursday January 21st, 2021 with Michael O'Keefe
Shocking Dark – Interviews with Horror & Sci Fi Movie Creators & a Star Wars Deep Dive

Dave Meehan CKCU FM Host of 'Just Your Average Radio Show,' broke down a lot of the upcoming Star Wars shows coming on Disney + for 50 minutes! But before that you can hear Actress Caroline Williams and Writer/Director Erik Bloomquist chat about their movie '10 Minutes to Midnight,' a horror movie set in a radio station. As this is a show that airs at Midnight and spends a lot of time focusing on horror movies what could be more appropriate? You can also hear Director Steven Kostanski talking about his family/horror/sci-fi movie 'Psycho Goreman,' which will (hopefully) come soon to the Mayfair Theatre. There are reviews from 'My Little Sister,' the Swiss entry for Best International Picture at the Oscars as well as the latest horror flick from A24, a BFI Production called 'Saint Maud.' I've got all kinds of tracks ranging from Fucli stuff to 'Starcraft,' stuff so enjoy!
NYC Main Title
Roberto Donati - Cannibal Ferox Soundtrack - Grind House Releasing
Blacula Theme
Gene Page - Blacula! - Scream! Factory
Pierre Bachelet - Gwendoline (Original Soundtrack) - RCA
The Fighter Centurions
Riz Ortolani - I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 - CAM
Spock's Cabin
James Horner - Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Capitol Records
Zerg Theme 1
Derek Duke - Starcraft (Soundtrack) - Blizzard Entertainment
Interactive CKCU
Thanks for making me sound...somewhat coherent.

10:10 AM, January 21st, 2021
Michael O'Keefe (host)
My pleasure Dave!

10:13 AM, January 21st, 2021