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Renny's Riot
Wednesday November 15th, 2023 with Respectfully Renny

Renny's Riot
The Scarlet Drops - The Scarlet Drops 1984-1992 - 1989 What Wave/2021 Harriet Records/Bandcamp Canadian
I Want To Thank You
The "5" Royales with Charlie (Little Jazz) Feguson & His Orchestra - Soul & Swagger: The Complete "5" Royales 1951-1967 - 1953 Apollo Records/2014 RockBeat Records
Jesus, I'm Thankful
The Pilgrim Travelers - The Best Of The Pilgrim Travelers - 1951/1991 Specialty
I Thank You
Sam & Dave - An Anthology Of The Stax Years 1965 To 1968 - 1968 Stax/1990 Atlantic
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
Sly & The Family Stone - Greatest Hits - 1969/1970 Epic
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) (see above)
Magazine - The Correct Use Of Soap - 1980 Virgin
Thanks & Praise
Junior Ainsworth - Trojan Upsetter Box Set - 1976 Upsetter/Black Art/2002 Trojan Records
Give Thanks & Praise
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Confrontation - 1983 Tuff Gong/Island Records
Thank You
The Remains - The Remains - 1966 Epic
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Ernest Tubb
Ernest Tubb - Thanks A Lot - 1964 Decca/2000 MCA Nashville
Beasts Of Bourbon - Little Animals - 2007 Albert Productions
Hardcore Rules
The Dogmatics - EST 81 - 1984 Thayer St./2021 Rum Bar Records
Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin)
The Fleshtones - Do You Swing? - 2003 Yep Roc Records
Loco Te Patina El Coco (The Troggs)
Los Straitjackets - Rock En EspaƱol Vol. 1 - 2007 Yep Roc Records
Louie Louie (Richard Berry)
The Turnpike Cruisers - Sleaze Attack At The Edge City Drive In - 1987 ABC
Fire (Jimi Hendrix)
Henri Herbert & The Fury - Live At The Gypsy Hotel - 2018 HH Records
Jet Tone Boogie (The Jet Tones)
Flat Duo Jets - Athens, GA. - Inside/Out - 1987 I.R.S. Records
I Don't Care/Glad All Over (Ramones/Dave Clark Five)
No Means No - Sasquatch-The Man, The Myth, The Compilation - 1991 Kirbdog Records Canadian
Picture My Face (Teenage Head)
The Dogmatics - WERS 1984 (Live Recording Series) - 2023 Self-released/bandcamp Canadian New
California Sun (Joe Jones)
The Dictators - Go Girl Crazy! - 1975 Epic
Ballroom Blitz (The Sweet)
The Surf Punks - Now That's What I Call Rock & Roll - 1988 Enigma/Capitol Records/EMI
That's Cool, That's Trash (The Kingsmen)
More Big Guitars From Texas - That's Cool, That's Trash - 1986 Demon Records/Amazing Records/New Rose Records
Palisades Park (Freddie Cannon)
The Devil Dogs - We Three Kings - 1992 Crypt Records
Kissin' Cousins (Elvis Presley)
The Saints - I'm Stranded - 1977 Sire
Route 66 (The King Cole Trio)
The Joneses - Criminal History - 1989 Trigon/2000 Sympathy For The Records Industry
The Meatman (Atlanta Jones a.k.a. Mack Vickery)
The Jim Jones Revue - The Jim Jones Revue - 2008 Punk Rock Blues
Down the Road A Piece (Don Raye)
Merrill Moore - Boogie My Blues Away - 1955 Capitol Records
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens (Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five)
Sanford Clark - The Fool - Recorded for Jamie Records (unissued)/1992 Bear Family Records
I Want A Bowlegged Woman (Bull Moose Jackson & His Buffalo Bearcats)
Jimmy Ballard - Hillbilly Bop, Boogie & The Honky Tonk Blues Vol.2 1951-1953 - 1952 King/2005 Jasmine Records
Shotgun Boogie (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - For Jumpers Only! - 1951 Regal Records/2003 Delmark Records
Drum Boogie (Gene Krupa & His Orchestra)
Roy Brown - Blues Deluxe - unknown label & date of release/1991 Charly R&B
Good Rockin' Tonight (Roy Brown)
Link Wray & The Raymen - Mr. Guitar - 1965 Swan/1995 Norton Records
Thanks A Lot (Ernest Tubb)
Antiseen - Hell - 1995 Tear It Up Records/Baloney Shrapnel
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (Elton John)
Verbal Abuse - Rocks Your Liver - 1986 Boner Records
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two)
The Geezers - Rockabilly Psychosis & The Garage Disease - 1984 Big Beat Records
20 Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran)
The Dogmatics - Gimme The Shakes single - 1983 Cat Records/2023 Self-released/bandcamp New
Rock Around The Clock (Billy Haley & His Comets)
Sex Pistols (actually Eddie Tudor) - The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle - 1979 Virgin
The Kids Are Alright (The Who)
Jean Caffeine - Love. What Is It? - 2019 Self-released/Bandcamp
Stood Up (Ricky Nelson)
Simon & The Bar Sinisters - Rockin' with Simon and the Bar Sinisters Vol. 1 - 2003 Self-released/Bandcamp
Interactive CKCU
whatwave dave
Your welcome Renny!!!! And Thanx for the plug!!! See ya got those Dogmatics on for a coupla tunes that are going to sound real good down here in the basement!!

1:33 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Oh man, both tracks are free off of the Bandcamp Dogmatics site. 20 Flight Rock is from their first single (a smokin' version of Good Lookin' Girls with a harp instead of a sax). The cover of Teenage Head is from a live recording they did on radio station WERS in 1984. It's free too!

1:41 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
And FRANKIE, Ian & I love having you as a listener but man, you are WAAAAAY too generous. Thank you. Your donation humbles me. We've got to communicate so you can request some music.

1:48 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Rory Gallagher, Jumpin' Gene Simmons, who else Frankie?

1:49 PM, November 15th, 2023
I'm chiming in, too, to thank all the listeners that were able to donate to CKCU this year. Another year of AMAZING radio coming your way!

1:52 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Hey Ian. Enjoying the reggae, I trust.

1:55 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
No emergency to our health?!? Who are they kidding? I almost had a heart attack when that alarm went off.

1:57 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Four times. Wow! What a trooper!

2:02 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
And thanks to you too Johnny Loan. Very generous.

2:18 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
And I'm sure Hillbilly was generous. He is a loyal donor to the station every year.

2:20 PM, November 15th, 2023
Ha that's funny. Keep up the good work guys. You're touching all the bases and hitting all targets. Perhaps you could play a Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra song called Some Velvet Morning" I think the listeners would enjoy it. Might be hard to find however. Youtube link:

2:21 PM, November 15th, 2023
Yes Renny that emergency alarm gave me quite a start.

2:23 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks Frankie. I don't know it but I'm sure Ian does. I'll find it and play it.

2:23 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
But you are a Rory fan as well aren't you?

2:24 PM, November 15th, 2023
Oh my goodness, great Teenage Head cover.

2:30 PM, November 15th, 2023
Thanks for the Thanks theme! Added Pilgrim Travellers to my playlist

2:33 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks for your thanks about the Thanks theme. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

2:34 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Frankie, I just bought the song to play on the Riot. Unfortunately I'm moving so I wont be able to play it until the 6th of Dec. I had to get a couple of shows done ahead of time.

2:36 PM, November 15th, 2023
For sure Renny, Rory is one of my favs going way back.

2:37 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Oh this is gonna be so much fun.

2:39 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Hey Johnny Loan, I don't know if you're still on the playlist page but I (or my smelly European cousin, Deejay D.K.) get to do the next Halloween show. Considering doing a Meteors V.s. The Cramps cage match for the show. Whaddya think? Suitable or too much music from only two bands? I could easily do an all psychobilly Halloween Riot.

2:43 PM, November 15th, 2023
What about the possibility of a future Piedmont Blues superset?

3:15 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
I don't have enough Piedmont Blues. So let me see if I can find any and then all the signs point to YES.

3:18 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
I found one. Considerate done. I've already got some Blind Boy Fuller and I've got a lot of Blind Willie McTell. I just found a compilation that looks good. Can't say when I can do the show, cause with the move I'll be broke.

3:23 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thank you all for listening. A special thanks to those who put their money where their ears are. Thank you!

3:29 PM, November 15th, 2023
Renny don't go spending cash on some rare blues 78's. Those two musicians alone give a good cross section.

4:04 PM, November 15th, 2023
Dogmatics doing a Teenage Head cover!??! Mind blown, but it totally makes sense. You spoil us with yer research!

7:03 PM, November 15th, 2023