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Renny's Riot
Wednesday August 2nd, 2023 with Wretched Renny
MOVE TOO FAST; GROOVE TO LAST. Learning to slow down, a feature on the The Vanrays' new album, "Put It Out", organ powered madness and the longest track ever played on the Riot (and it's jazz!).

Renny's Riot
The Scarlet Drops - The Scarlet Drops 1984-1992 - 1989 What Wave/2021 Harriet Records/Bandcamp Canadian
Slow Down
The Mooks - Impeach The Mooks!!! - 2019 Self-released/Bandcamp
The Slow Drag
The Slow Drags - The Slow Drags - 2018 Self-Released/Bandcamp Canadian
Go Slow Fatso
Bobby Rutledge with The Cimarrons - Fat! Fat! Fat! 18 Blubbering Boppers - 1957 Zipp/unknown date & label of reissue
Slow Down (Jack Earls & The Jimbos)
The Paladins - The Paladins - 1986 Wrestler Records
Reverend Horton Heat - It's Martini Time - 1996 Interscope Records
Slow (instr)
Rocket From The Crypt - All Systems Go 2 - 1999 Swami Records
Slow Rock N Roll (alternate take)
Macy Skipper - Essential Sun Rockabillies Vol.3 - 1956 unissued Sun/1996 Charly Records
Slow Down Daddy
Jimmy Wright & Orchestra (Vocal By Merry Dee) - The Complete Meteor: Blues, R&B & Gospel Recordings - 1953 Meteor/2006 Ace
Nice & Slow
Turnpike Cruisers - Drive, Drive, Drive - 1989 Link Records
Slow Down (Larry Williams)
The Jam - In The City - 1977 Polydor
Lovin' Man
The Vanrays - Put It Out - 2023 Canadian New
Up In Smoke
The Vanrays - Put It Out - 2023 Canadian New
Shake My Hand
The Vanrays - Put It Out - 2023 Canadian New
Heap Of Ruin
The Vanrays - Put It Out - 2023 Canadian New
Hard Times
The Vanrays - Put It Out - 2023 Canadian New
The Magnificent - Monolithic - 2022 Rum Bar Records
City Point
The Gypsy Moths - Following The Races - 2022 Rum Bar Records
Telestar (Tornados) (instr)
Evan Johns & His H-Bombs - Please Mr. Santa Claus - 1990 Jungle Records, Rykodisc
Two-Lane Highway: Preacher Man - White Line Fever - Nacogdoches Gumbo - East Texas Freezeout - San Angelo Release - Rollin' To Killeen - Blowout - Devil's Highway - Midnight Standoff - Marchin' For Abilene - Hico Killer - Long Mile To Houston
John Zorn (featuring Albert Collins) - Spillane - 1987 Elektra Nonesuch
Frank's Wild Years
Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones - 1983 Island Records
Greazee, Pts 1 & 2 (instr)
Billy Preston - Sam Cooke's SAR Records Story: 1959 - 1965 - 1963 Derby Records/1994 ABKCO
T.B. Sheets
Van Morrison - T.B. Sheets - 1973 Bang Records
You Can't Sit Down Parts 1 & 2 (instr)
Phil Upchurch Combo - You Can't Sit Down Parts 1 & 2 single - 1961 Boyd Records
Hamp's Hump (instr)
Rick Holmstrom (With John Medeski) - Hydraulic Groove - 2002 Tone-Cool Records
The Rick Holmstrom was released in 2002, NOT 2020. My mistake. I'm sorry.
Waiting For The Drugs To Take Hold
The Secret V's - No Life Like It - 1991 Useful Records International Canadian
The Look Of Love (Tom Jones)
The Hard Toms - 'Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!' - 2021 Self-released/Bandcamp Canadian
Public Service
The Dogmatics - EST 81 - 2021 Rum Bar Records
And damn it all if I didn't also forget to announce the last song, the Dogmatics' track, "Public Service". Two mistakes within 4 minutes.....INEXUSABLE! I should throw myself on the sword of professional radio. Dewey Phillips must be spinning in his grave.
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)
Sorry Rioteers. You've got to start without me. Physiotherapy is a harsh & demanding mistress. Please leave comments, I'll respond as soon as I'm able. Thanks. Oh yeah....And thanks for tuning in as well.

12:08 PM, August 2nd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Howdy. I'm back. I'm sweaty, I'm out of breath and I've got to go for occupational therapy in half and hour. Any listeners?

2:04 PM, August 2nd, 2023
I just got in myself! Enjoying the Riot as always.

2:41 PM, August 2nd, 2023
Late to the party at 2:36 p.m. Hope all is going well for you Renny. I'm jumping in at the John Zorn track, some great playing from Albert Collins.

2:47 PM, August 2nd, 2023
I wonder now could this John Zorn track be the longest track ever played on the Riot? Wow the transition into the Waits tune is great. Ditto into the Billy Preston track.

2:55 PM, August 2nd, 2023
I would have associated "The Look of Love" to be more of a Dusty Springfield tune. I don't remember the Tom Jones version, not that I'm trying very hard to do so! Great show Renny, thanks.

3:29 PM, August 2nd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thank you Frankie, you're the best!

3:37 PM, August 2nd, 2023
Terry M.
Caught a couple of righteous solid sets of music, thanks for that

3:40 PM, August 2nd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks Terry. I appreciate that you listen. Take care.

4:05 PM, August 2nd, 2023
What wave dave
Great show today Renny!!!

4:27 PM, August 2nd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks Dave. Next week is gonna be a lot of new releases and whamma blamma.

5:03 PM, August 2nd, 2023
steve k
thanks renny, enjoying The Riot way out west, On Demand....

10:30 PM, August 2nd, 2023
Enjoying on demand as I work my way through my planning .... Good ear stuff!

4:26 PM, August 4th, 2023