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Renny's Riot
Wednesday May 17th, 2023 with Rancorous Renny
Angry whamma blamma, prickly punk, rebellious rockabilly, cantankerous country, recalcitrant rhythm & blues. Perfect music when you are only halfway through the work week.

Renny's Riot
The Scarlet Drops - The Scarlet Drops 1984-1992 - 1989 What Wave/2021 Harriet Records/Bandcamp Canadian
Radar Love (Golden Earing)
Nine Pound Hammer - Mulebite Deluxe - 2005 Acetate Records
Get Off Of My Carpet
The Mullens - The Mullens - 1997 Get Hip Recordings
The Humpers - The Dionysus Years - 1996 Hell Yeah
Travelust Revisited
Charlie Pickett - See You In Miami - 2018 Y&T Music
Ain't What I Call Home
The Pontiac Brothers - Johnson - 1988 Frontier Records
Get Off My Back
Teenage Head - Teenage Head - 1979 Epic Canadian
I'm Not Mad/Get Off My Cloud (The Rolling Stones)
The Meteors - Wreckin' Crew - 1983 I.D. Records
Get Off My Back (Jay Blue)
The Gravediggers - Move It! - 1989 Crypt
Get Offa My Back (Jay Blue)
Simon & The Bar Sinisters - I'm Gonna Feed My Baby Poison: Rockin' with Simon and the Bar Sinisters vol. 2 - 2005 Self-released/Bancamp
Moanin' The Blues (Hank Williams)
Dave Roads - Dirt Roads - 2023 not yet released New
Why Don't You Leave Me Alone (live)
Hank Williams III - Risin' Outlaw - 1999 Curb Records
Leave Me Alone
Bloodshot Bill - Git High Tonite! - 2009 Transistor 66 Canadian
Leave Me Alone
Nathaniel Mayer - I Just Want To Be Held - 2004 Fat Possum
Go Away
Frankenstein 5 - London Crawing - 1996 What Wave Records Canadian
Leave Me Alone
UIC - The Wiseman Sessions - 2002 Self-released/2016 Yeah Right! Canadian
Leave Me Alone (Nathaniel Mayer)
The Hard Feelings - Smash-Up Derby - 2002 Gearhead Records
Victim Of Dreams
Jeremy Gluck - This Is.... - 2008 The Beautiful Music Canadian
Love Is A Stranger
Suzi Moon & Billy Hopeless - Nothing Left To Lose split single - 2023 Yeah Right! Canadian New
Ready To Snap
The Black Halos - How The Darkness Doubled - 2022 Stomp Records Canadian
Pretend We're Dead
L7 - Bricks Are Heavy - 1992 Slash
Electric Lady
Wine Lips - Stressor - 2019 Self-released/Bandcamp Canadian
So Lonely
The Sunday Sinners - Sweet Jam - 2006 Sonik's Chicken Shrimp/Bandcamp Canadian
Tokoloshe Man (John Kongos)
The Happy Mondays - Rubáiyát: Elektra's 40th Anniversary - 1971/1990 Elektra
The Great Curve
Talking Heads - Remain In Light - 1980 Sire
That's Entertainment
The Jam - Sound Affects - 1980 Polydor
Jump (Van Halen)
Aztec Camera - All I Need Is Everything - 1984 WEA
Steady With Betty (Benny Joy)
Robert Gordon (with James Williamson) - Rockabilly For Life - 2020 Cleopatra Records
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Jittery Jack - Gonna Have a Time with Jittery Jack - 2014 Rhythm Bomb Records/2019 Rum Bar Records
Get Up! (live)
The Kingsnakes with Daniel Jeanrenaud - Live at the Old Waldorf: June 5, 1981 - 2023 Liberation Hall New
Mama Can Do It
Mozzy Dee - Órale! - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Come On Down
Angela Tini - Have You Met Me Yet? - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Mess Around
Ray Charles - Sugar Jump - 1953 Atlantic/2019 Koko Mojo Records
Fool Me Once
Angela Tini - Have You Met Me Yet? - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Mess Around
Mozzy Dee - Órale! - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)

1:34 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Time to take attendance....Ha! Ha!

1:34 PM, May 17th, 2023
Present and accounted for!

1:36 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks for listening, Nancy.

1:38 PM, May 17th, 2023
Just like my old school. Hearing right from the off. You'll already flossing my brain from all the pop and jingle stuff I've heard this past week

1:41 PM, May 17th, 2023
whatwave dave
Listening in from London Ontario. Thanx for spinning Frankenstein 5!

1:43 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks for releasing Frankenstein 5. And thanks for listening.

1:44 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
HEY FRANKIE! Glad the floss is getting rid of all that pop plaque.

1:45 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
This ain't rock & roll, this is psychotherapy.

1:47 PM, May 17th, 2023
Johnny Loan
YES! Love the Meteors

1:54 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Ditto. Just saw a psychobilly band on Monday night at the Dominion. The Brains. Much fun.

1:56 PM, May 17th, 2023
Johnny Loan
Oh yeah I've seen The Brains a few times. Sometime play "Kit Boy" or "Power of Steel" by the Meteors!

2:04 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
I would have loved to have seen the Meteors, the only problem is their fan base, The Wreckin' Crew, scares me.

2:06 PM, May 17th, 2023
This is pure Hillbilly in caps!!;-)

2:08 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Howdy Hillbilly!

2:11 PM, May 17th, 2023
ya need sum luv'n ya miserable old fart!;-) (for a kid!) We got yr back !

2:41 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks to Nancy for the Robert Gordon.

3:10 PM, May 17th, 2023
mike p
I think I saw Aztec camera, early 80s, know electric Frankenstein not on this playlist, did see them in the 90s, at the do, wow they were great! I'm still pretty much with the program here, aren't i? Thanks ren!

3:12 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
I screwed up, Jittery Jacks guitarist name is Amy Griffin, not Amy Griffith. Apologies for the mistake.

3:12 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Yes, Mike P., I'm pretty sure that Electric Frankenstein played the Dominion.

3:14 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thank you, one and all, for tuning in, or streaming, for listening to the show. It's appreciated. Thanks!

3:27 PM, May 17th, 2023
Thanks for another great show, Renny!

3:27 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks, Ian.

3:28 PM, May 17th, 2023
Demanding Benoît is on the case!

6:55 PM, May 17th, 2023
Renny, thanks for playing Jeremy Gluck along with so many great songs.

10:09 PM, May 29th, 2023