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Renny's Riot
Wednesday May 3rd, 2023 with Recycling Renny
ANTHEMS OF KIRKLANDIA - The long lost "Volume, Contrast , Brilliance" fill-in. Celebrating Steve Kirkland's show with an eclectic mix of modern music (including some artists he's recommended over the years).

Post-punk, neo-psychedelia, white soul, rocksteady, ska, Cajun spice & that music which is hard to categorize.
Renny's Riot
Scarlet Drops - Scarlet Drops 1984-1992 - 1989 What Wave/2021 Harriet Records/Bandcamp Canadian
In The Dark
Magazine - About The Weather - 1981 Virgin
Into The Sun
Mekons - Deserted - 2019 Bloodshot Records
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)
Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo - 1978 Virgin
Marquee Moon (Television)
Kronos Quartet - Rubáiyát: Elektra's 40th Anniversary - 1990 Elektra
Giant Sand - Beyond The Valley of Rain - 1985 Black Sand Records/Enigma Records
Sweet Ghost Of Light
Robyn Hitchcock - Eye - 1990 Twin/Tone Records
Subterranean Waterfalls
Roy Loney & The Longshots - Shake It Or Leave It - 2007 Career Records
Opal - Early Recordings - 1989 Rough Trade
Hot, Blue and Righteous (ZZ Top)
William Elliott Whitmore - Kilonova - 2018 Bloodshot Records
Sunday Love
It's All Meat - It's All Meat - 1970 Columbia/2000 Hallucinations Canadian
Dandelion Wish
Vanity Mirror - Puff - (May 12) 2023 We Are Busy Bodies Canadian New
Too Much Time
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Clear Spot - 1972 Reprise Records
The Magnificent - Monolithic - 2022 Rum Bar Records
My Best Interests At Heart
Ed Kuepper - Character Assasination - 1994 Hot Records/Shake The Record Label
Sleek White Schooner
The Waterboys - This Is The Sea - 1985 Island Records
AAA Aardvark Hotel
Big Sugar - Five Hundred Pounds - 1993 Hypnotic Records Canadian
Daddy Won't Tell You No Lies (The Cosmic Rays With Sun Ra And Arkestra )
The Mooks - Vic Ruggiero & Simon Chardiet are..THE MOOKS!!! - 2019 Self-Released/Bandcamp
Can't Get Used To Losing You (Andy Williams)
The English Beat - I Just Can't Stop It - 1980 Sire
The Rulers - Old Skool Ska - An Anthology - 1966 Sir J.J./Rio/1997 Recall 2cd
Quand Le Soleil Dit Bonjour Aux Montagnes
The Hodads - Routine 12 " single - 1989 Les Disques Commotion Records Canadian
Si Je Pourrais Oublier
The Vanier Playboys - The Vanier Playboys - 2018 Self-Released Canadian
Peter's Shuffle (instr.)
The Grievous Angels - One Job Town - 1990 Stony Plain Records Canadian
Mamou Two Step
The Tail Gators - Swamp Rock - 1985 Wrestler Records
Lose This Skin
The Clash featuring Tymon Dogg - Sandinista! - 1980 Epic
Breton Andro
Na Cabarfeidh - Stick It In Your Ear - 1981 Sometimes We Do This Musical Productions Canadian
Bearings Down
Crash 13 - Rosebuddy/Crash 13 Split Single - 1995 RightWide Records Canadian
Nowhere Fast
Vandoliers - Forever - 2019 Bloodshot Records
Last Night On Earth
Murder By Death - The Other Shore - 2019 Tent Show Records/Bloodshot Records
How Many Stars
Mekons - Deserted - 2019 Glitterbeat/Bloodshot Records
Evan Johns - Panoramic Life - 2016 Alternative Tentacles Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Benoît, prematurely
On Friday May 5??? Not on Wednesday May 3?

11:37 AM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks B. That was a close call. I appreciate you pointing it out.

12:34 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
I'm here.....The question is are you?

1:32 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
If you are, then please let me know.

1:33 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
It gets lonely down in the Culture Bunker.

1:33 PM, May 3rd, 2023
I'm hearing here in cubicle land. It can get lonely here as well.

1:36 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks for listening and letting me know, Frankie. You're a trooper.

1:37 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Its awesome to her those familiar Television riffs played on violin.

1:45 PM, May 3rd, 2023
mike p
I like everything you said about the Steve too! thanks ren!

1:46 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
I thought so too.

1:46 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Here live. (Much better than here dead.)

1:55 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Hey Benoît, thanks for joining....and thanks for giving me a head's up over the date.

1:59 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Quite welcome!

2:00 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
I'm always afraid that this kind of psychedelia might trigger acid flashbacks in the 60's survivors.....

2:05 PM, May 3rd, 2023
No flashbacks here Renny, but I did have a strong urge to nip out for a vape.

2:09 PM, May 3rd, 2023
You live dangerously, you assume the risks. I'm not a fan of the concept of "triggering" others -- unless you know, of course.

2:09 PM, May 3rd, 2023
whatwave dave
Arrived late today, looks like a top notch playlist as always!

2:10 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
No, I don't like triggering others either. The only thing that music has ever triggered in me is all good. Good memories, foot tapping, dancing, singing along badly, those kind of things. Those are the only things I want to trigger.

2:11 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
This may be the most mellow Riot I've done to this date.

2:12 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Hey WhatWaveDave! Thanks for dropping by.

2:13 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
I don't think I could have survived the 60s, the songs were too damn long.

2:16 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny, you wouldn't have had a problem until maybe 1968, when Hey Jude came out. Before that, 45s were all 4 inutes or under. Take California Dreaming: 2:37! Or The Lovin' Spoonful's Darling Be Home Soon: 3:36...

2:34 PM, May 3rd, 2023
inutes the truth!

2:35 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Apologies to Steve K. for not playing any Nikki Sudden, nor Kevin Ayers, nor Robert Wyatt etc.

2:36 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Hey man, I can believe that, The Beatles ruined so much. They were like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. The majority of what came before them was made extinct. The new species had to be young, English & cute. Don't get me started on Sgt. Effin' Pepper....

2:38 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Nice old ska gem from the Rulers.

2:47 PM, May 3rd, 2023
I sort of disagree about The Beatles ruining anything (I was there at the time): American ('cause it mostly was) rock 'n roll had gotten emasculated, what with Elvis being drafted and coming out and doing shmaltzy movies; and Pat Boone, and Ricky Nelson, etc. (No black rock, well hardly anyway. Correction, there were a few.) So yeah, The Beatles and the English Wave came in, and conquered America with covers of its own music, basically. And everybody grew up and developed. The Beatles with Sgt Pepper were psychedelic as hell, but they didn't create that: they were going along the same trends as the American West Coast. People had learned a lot from The Beatles in terms of 'many things go', if not 'anything goes'. And The Beats didn't leave anybody behind, au contraire American, Canadian, British etc. pop filled out their own presence, and gave us The Doors, Led Zep, and so many ceteras. IMO, The Beatles sort of showed people that many, many things could be pop. I'll stop now (!)

2:52 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Johnny Loan
Loving the variety today! Never got The Beatles either. WTF were their songs even supposed to be about

2:53 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
All good points B. A lot of bands discovered acid & transcendental meditation. Sgt. Pepper may be a good creative concept album or something but it sure as shit is not rock & roll. It's evolved into psychedelia which I'm not the biggest fan of.

2:57 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
And Hey Johnny Loan, thanks for joining the Riot. I should have T-shirts made for you guys or something.

2:58 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Wow! Lose My Skin! I haven't heard that in years. So great!

3:06 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Johnny Loan: their lyrics are not always inscrutable... It's not all A Day in the Life. All told, they wrote about many, many things, some of them darned obvious -- say Eleanor Rigby...

3:06 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Thanks for a great show, Renny. You have demonstrated Kirklandian eclecticism.

3:16 PM, May 3rd, 2023
trigger my boomer toes ... boppin' to da beat my generation started the Fire, did ya know o' the recycled Rebel Spirit, Shroom'd Mind well refine'd, like the fine wine, Pinot Noir. What's My Name ...

3:19 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
I'm guessing you are David.....Gentlest gypsy I know.

3:20 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny, the Vanier Playboys, here:

3:20 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks for listening in Cubicle Land, Frankie.

3:20 PM, May 3rd, 2023
No worries, there's a rule I think: Anybody else can find what I want on the web better than I."

3:21 PM, May 3rd, 2023
OK Sir, until next week.

3:21 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks B. I appreciate it. I'll have some new Can Con for next week.

3:23 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Thanks for the show!

3:25 PM, May 3rd, 2023
Miigwech, shucks, Renny am of the female persuasion a wayward stranger.

3:27 PM, May 3rd, 2023
hidin' behind a pillar
Wow! You guys are heavy! Great info & writing B. I missed whole show live.... I don't hear song words much....the tune does it.... Sgt. Pepper makes acid mandatory....

4:05 PM, May 3rd, 2023
2x Mekons, excellent. Plus my favourite Beefheart tune, and the Tailgators. Good show!

9:22 PM, May 3rd, 2023