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Renny's Riot
Wednesday August 31st, 2022 with Ian Jeans
WORK-A-DAY-WORLD! A pre-Labour Day music celebration. Whether you're crunchin' numbers, raisin' kids or pushin' a broom, here's a crew of songs celebrating all the grafters that make it happen. Warren Zevon, Beasts of Bourbon, Wall of Voodoo and more.

The Beat - self-titled - 1978 Columbia
The Factory
Warren Zevon - Sentimental Hygiene - 1987 Virgin
Part of the Union
The Brothers - Various Artists: Three Day Week - 1972/2019 Ace
Strike Talks
The Donkeys - Various :Harmony In My Head: UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977-81 - 1981/ 2018Cherry Red
Ironworkin' Man
The Sunday Sinners - self-titled ep - 2004 self-released Canadian
There is Power in a Union
Billy Bragg - Talking With The Taxman About Poetry - 1986 Polydor
Moe Tucker - Life In Exile After Abdication - 1989 Life In Exile After Abdication
Factory (live)
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - The Agora Theatre 1978 - 1978 fanclub recording
Redskins - Various: They Shall Not Pass - 1985 Abstract Records
Working Class
The Rats - In a Desperate Red - 1983/2019 Mississippi
Hard Working Man
Jack Nitzsche with Captain Beefheart - Hard Workin' Man (The Jack Nitzsche Story Volume 2) - 1978/ 2006 Ace
Hard Work Drivin' Man
Beasts of Bourbon - Sour Mash - 1988 Red Eye Records
Workin' Man's Soul
Catl. - With The Lord For Cowards You Will Find No Place - 2010 Folk Brand Canadian
Eight Hour Day
Northwest Company - Various - The History Of Vancouver Rock And Roll Vol. Four - 1967/1991 Canadian
I Don't Want to Work for British Airways
Scissor Fits - Various – Labels Unlimited - The Second Record Collection - 1979 Cherry Red
Don't Wanna Work
Ingrates - 7" - 2022 No Norms Records
General Strike
D.O.A - 7" - 1983 Sudden Death Records Canadian
Working Class Man
Giuda - Speaks Evil - 2015 Burning Heart Records
Boss Man
The Chickens - Prepare to Plug In - 2000 The Chickens Egg-cellent Records Canadian
Working Class Man
Third World War - Various: All the Young Droogs - 1971/ 2019 RPM
Daddy's Been Working
Downbeat - Various – Abstract Records Punk Collection - 1983/ 1995 Abstract
Career Opportunities
The Clash - Self-titled - 1979 Epic
I Hate Work
M.D.C. - Millions of Dead Cops - 1982 RRadical
Wall of Voodoo - Call of the West - 1982 IRS
Factory Girl
Treat Her Right - What's Good For You - 1991 Rounder Records
Working My Way to LA
Jim Ford - The Sounds of Our Time - 1969/ 2007 Bear Family
Sally Mae
The Rejecters - 7" - 2016 SSLDR Canadian
Mes Lunettes Noir
Les Breastfeeders - Dans La Guele Des Jours - 2011 Blow the Fuse Canadian
Problem Officer
The Vicious Cycles - 7" - 2020 Pirate Press Canadian
I've Got Problems
Xembryos - CD ep - 2015 Wasted Wax Records Canadian
Where Eagles Dare (Misfits cover)
Bored! - Scuzz - 1993 Shagpile
Everybody's Gonna Have A Real Good Time
The Throbs - Proud to be Loud - 1986 self-released Canadian
Blood Boogie
Teenage Head - Tornado (2019 Mix) - 1983/2019 MCA Canadian
Yesterday's Makeup
Teenage X - R.I.V.A.L. ep - 2013 Bandcamp Canadian
Stand Up and Fight
Bush Tetras - Rhythm and Paranoia: The Best of Bush Tetras - 1981/2021 Wharf Cat Records
Foot-Stompin' Music
Grand Funk Railroad - Collectors Series - 1971/1991 Capitol
Interactive CKCU
Red Renny
Great show, comrade. (Producing your show means that I'm the first person who gets to hear it.) You should be the General Secretary for the People's Rock & Roll.

1:34 PM, August 31st, 2022
Ian Jeans (host)
Hey mid-week radio listeners! Here's some catchy ditties about jobs, labour, bosses.

1:35 PM, August 31st, 2022
Ian Jeans (host)
Thanks Red Renny. The Riot wouldn't exist without you!

1:37 PM, August 31st, 2022
Up the Workers!!! Solidarity Forever! Happy Labour Day! Always remember Winnipeg General Strike 1919! ✊

1:38 PM, August 31st, 2022
Ian Jeans (host)
Thanks for joining the march, Hillbilly!

1:39 PM, August 31st, 2022
Shop Steward, IWW, Gatineau Hills, QC.;-)

1:40 PM, August 31st, 2022
Duck from Lansdowne North
I don't know what a long weekend is.

1:45 PM, August 31st, 2022
Ian Jeans (host)
Welcome Duck! The long weekend starts now!

1:49 PM, August 31st, 2022
Red Renny
Wow! I thought that the Sunday Sinners song was The Detroit Cobras at first. That was uncanny. What a good song.

1:51 PM, August 31st, 2022
Johnny Loan
Blue collar blues. Very cool

1:53 PM, August 31st, 2022
Ian Jeans (host)
Sunday Sinners very underrated, and I thought the same thing the first time I heard them, R.

1:56 PM, August 31st, 2022
Ian Jeans (host)
Hi Mr. Loan! We don't have the perks of the rich and famous, but we have way better music!

1:57 PM, August 31st, 2022
Red Renny
The Cramps do a wonderful cover version of "Hard Working Man" as well.

2:08 PM, August 31st, 2022
Ian Jeans (host)
Love that Cramps version!

2:21 PM, August 31st, 2022
Red Renny
So I just bought the Sunday Sinners. Thanks for the tip that is hip, Ian.

2:24 PM, August 31st, 2022
Red Renny
What a great, inspirational Labour Day show, Ian. If I was currently working, I'd rise up and throw off my chains. Thanks for this.

3:01 PM, August 31st, 2022
Ian Jeans (host)
Thanks, Renny. Glad you liked it! It's for all the workers past, present and future. And for all those that are behind the scenes supporting those workers. A thankless job in itself.

3:03 PM, August 31st, 2022
Ian Jeans (host)
I hope everybody will have a real good time for the rest of the week! Thanks for tuning in.

3:26 PM, August 31st, 2022
Irish Mike Bass
Great collection of tracks Ian and no need to use Tommy Hunter for Socan fill ;) He was more of a wondering man anyway.

8:16 PM, September 10th, 2022
Ian J
Thanks for listening in and joining the discussion Irish Mike! Tommy might make an appearance in the future.

11:22 AM, September 27th, 2022