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Renny's Riot
Wednesday July 13th, 2022 with Reluctant Renny
IF IT WASN'T FOR BAD LUCK: Gospel, soul, blues, rock & roll, punk, post punk, whamma blamma & the Can Con Cram.

Renny's Riot
The Scarlet Drops - The Scarlet Drops 1984-1992 - 1989 What Wave Magazine/2021 Harriet Records Canadian
Wade In The Water (Traditional)
Harmonizing Four - Jesus Is The Answer - 1961 Vee-Jay Records/1985 Charly Records
Don't Let It Be In Vain
The "5" Royales - Soul & Swagger: The Complete "5" Royales 1951-1967 - 1958 King Records/2014 RockBeat Records
Come Back To Me
X - Under The Big Black Sun - 1982 Elektra
Uncloudy Day
The Staple Singers - Uncloudy Day - 1959 Vee-Jay Records
Born On The Bayou
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bayou Country - 1969 Fantasy/2012 Soul Jam Records
Tramp (Lowell Fulsom cover)
Tav Falco's Panther Burns - Red Devil - 1988 New Rose Records
Memphis Soul Stew
King Curtis - Beg, Scream & Shout!: The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul - 1967 ATCO/1997 Rhino Records
Moving Out Of The Ghetto
A.C. Reed & The Spark Plugs - Living Chicago Blues Vol. 4 - 1980 Alligator
I Am Fed Up With This Music
A.C. Reed & The Spark Plugs - Take These Blues And Shove 'Em - 1982 Ice Cube Records/1985 Rooster Blues Records
Love Utopia
Johnny Copeland - Demons In Brentford - 1982 Demon Records
Alex Chilton - Stuff - 1986 New Rose Records
No Mo Do Yakamo
Dr. Feelgood - A Case Of The Shakes - 1980 Polydor
Rock 'n' Roll Ruby (Warren Smith song)
Webb Wilder & The Beat Necks - It Came From Nashville - 1986 Racket Records/Landslide Records
Let's Buzz
The Paladins - Let's Buzz - 1990 Alligator Records
Goodbye Train
Big Sugar - Dear M.F. EP - 1995 Hypnotic Records Canadian
Glad Rag Ball
Daddy Long Legs - Lowdown Ways - 2019 Yep Roc Records
Monkey David Wine
Scott H. Biram - Fever Dreams - 2020 Bloodshot Records
Goin' Dancin'
Downchild Blues Band - So Far - A Collection Of Our Best - 1977 Posterity Records Canadian
Dead Guy's Blues
The Royal Hounds - A Whole Lot of Nothin' - 2021 Self-released
Woke Up Dis Mornin'
Fish Karma - Lunch With The Devil - 2001 Deep Shag Records
Big Daddy
Fish Karma - Hellhound On My Leg - 1988 Addled Records
Taxman Blues
The Slow Drags - The Slow Drags - 2018 Self-released/Bandcamp Canadian
This Is On You
Jason Camp & The Posers - Neat Times And Family Values - 2016 Self-released/Bandcamp Canadian
Back On The Sauce
Great Shakin' Fevers - Loud and Lonely - 2018 Self-released/Bandcamp Canadian
Skeleton Park
Great Shakin' Fevers - Loud and Lonely - 2018 Self-released/Bandcamp Canadian
Real Sickies - Quarantined - 2021 Stomp Records/Bandcamp Canadian
Carry On
Steve Adamyk Band - Dirtnap Records 2018 Sampler - 2018 Dirtnap Records Canadian
Everlasting Moor
Lammping - Stars We Lost - 2022 We Are Busy Bodies Canadian
No Rules
Autogram - No Rules - 2021 Nevado Records Canadian
Burn Like Fire
Sonic Avenues - Dirtnap Records 2018 Sampler - 2018 Dirtnap Records Canadian
No Ones Home
Screaming Bamboo - World Of Tomorrow - 1984 Dad's Favourite Records Canadian
The Hoover Effect - Keeping Score E.P. - 1988 Skull Duggery Records Canadian
Mr. Highway Man
Howlin' Wolf - The Sun Records Story - The Blues Came Down From Memphis - 1952 Chess/1995 Charlie Records
Don't Start Cryin' Now (Slim Harpo song)
The Count Bishops - The Count Bishops - 1977 Chiswick Records
Rat Rod Daddy
Bodeco - Rat Rod Daddy single - 2014 Self-released
I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From A Rock and Roll City
Jerry McCain - Rockin' Harmonica Blues Men - 1955 demo/1981 White Label Records/1998 Wolf Records
Interactive CKCU
my kinda list! wooo!

12:31 PM, July 13th, 2022
Renny G (host)
Howdy all. Thanks for tuning in. I hope you enjoy the music.

1:34 PM, July 13th, 2022
Renny G (host)
Let me know what you think of the show. Please......

1:49 PM, July 13th, 2022
For an old guy in pain, you still know how to program (wink!)

1:50 PM, July 13th, 2022
You've tapped into that nice gospel/funky Pop Staples guitar sound. Very nicely done.

1:53 PM, July 13th, 2022
Renny G (host)
A slow burning fuse on today's show.

1:53 PM, July 13th, 2022
Renny G (host)
Hey Frankie. Hello Nancy. Thank you very much for listening. It gets kind o'funky then bluesy. (In the short term.)

1:55 PM, July 13th, 2022
Thanks for X. Loved the live version of that song last Sunday.

1:56 PM, July 13th, 2022
Renny G (host)
I used to go see A.C. Reed & The Spark Plugs play. Because A.C. Reed was in Albert Collins band, The Icebreakers, his band would often tour with Albert's.

1:57 PM, July 13th, 2022
Renny G (host)
So did I, Ian. It's one of my favourite X songs and it's not exactly your typical X song. I was more than pleasantly surprised when they played it.

1:59 PM, July 13th, 2022
Renny G (host)
A lot of blues on today's show. July 13, effed up ribs....You'd play blues too.

2:09 PM, July 13th, 2022
Renny G (host)
I sure hope hillbilly's listening to this.

2:27 PM, July 13th, 2022
whatwave dave
Great show and hope you're feeling better soon. Might want to avoid live shows for awhile....LOL....And Tami Neilson cancelled her London show due to covid numbers. Great show!! Loved all the early blues/RNB stuff!!!

3:24 PM, July 13th, 2022
Renny G (host)
Thanks Dave. I wanted to see Tami but she played at a festival that I refuse to support.

3:28 PM, July 13th, 2022
yupper! hb in car & pitchin' station at farm...cranked up show on car radio....told em I was advertising volunteer!;-) ever faithfull!!! Oh, jus cause we're Peasants dont mean were stoopid!!;-)

3:36 PM, July 13th, 2022
Renny G (host)
Huh? I don't think you are peasants, nor do I think my listeners are stupid.

12:46 PM, July 14th, 2022
nice Staples -> CCR mix.

9:25 PM, July 26th, 2022