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Renny's Riot
Wednesday November 24th, 2021 with Ian Jeans
NOVEMBER NOISE! 70's glam thud, 80's garage fuzz, 90's gut bucket, 00's gunk punk, 10's aggro-rock, and 20's heavy stomp. So many decades, so many great tunes!

Renny's Riot
The Scarlet Drops - The Scarlet Drops 1984-1992 - 1989/2021 Harriet Records Canadian New
My Boyfriend From Outer Space
The 5,6,7,8's - Bomb the Rocks: Early Days Singles 1989-1996 - 2003 Sweet Nothing Records
Brain Surgeon
The Priscillas - v.a. Blighty's Still Smokin' - 2007 Carbon 14 Magazine
Nip it in the Bud
The B-52's - Mesopatamia - 1982 Warners
Destroy All Monsters - Mojo Magazine: I Love NY Punk - orig. 1978/ 2005 Mojo Magazine
The Manxx - 7" single - 2009 self-released
So Good To Be Back Home
The Tourists - D.I.Y. Starry Eyes-UK Pop Vol. 2 - orig. 1979/ 1993 Rhino
Shonen Knife - Brand New Knife - 1996 MCA
Fighting Girl
Banditas - Banditas - 2005 Last Drag Records Canadian
Getting Nowhere Fast
Girls at Our Best - 7" single - 1980 Record Records
Hurtin' 4 Certain
Tommy and the Commies - 7" single - 2020 Slovenly Records Canadian
Teen Line
The Shivvers - Come On Let's Go!: Power Pop Gems from the 70's and 80's - orig. 1980/ 2019 Big Beat
Party Line
The Surfrajettes - 7" single - 2018 Hi-Tide Recordings Canadian
Self-Cut Bangs - Self-Cut Bangs - 2020 Bandcamp Canadian
Rival High Schools
Teenage X - R.I.V.A.L. ep - 2013 Bandcamp Canadian
Not Me
Cobrateens - 7" single - 2016 Teenage Hate Records Canadian
Boys Are Drinking
B-Girls - v.a. Girls Go Power Pop! - (recorded 1977-81)/ 2020 Big Beat Canadian
You Got Me Crying
The Brood - Since He's Been Gone 7" single - 1990 Stanton Park Records
I Can't Stand It
The Velvet Underground - VU - orig. 1969-69 /1984 Verve
Poor Flowers
The Scarlet Drops - The Scarlet Drops 1984-1992 - 1986 Zop/2021 Harriet Records Canadian New
Modern Drugs
Cromm Fallon - Presents the P200 - 2021 Rum Bar Records New
Better Drugs
JEEN. - Dog Bite - 2021 Bandcamp Canadian New
Hale Bop
SNFU - A Blessing But With It A Curse ep - 2021 Chase the Glory Records Canadian
Hey Ho (the Ballad of Razor Ramon)
The Follow Ups - v.a. Ça Tire! - 2020 Bandcamp Canadian
Black Rose
No Dice A.B. - No Dice ep - 2020 Bandcamp Canadian
Lowlife - Leaders ep - 1979 Airout/ 2017 Hozac Canadian
Menace - v.a Small Wonder: The Punk Singles Collection - orig. 1978/1994 Small Wonder Records
Cette Fois C'est La Bonne
Chocolat - Jazz Engagé - 2019 Dare to Care Records Canadian
Heaven Only Knows
Redd Kross - Teen Babes From Monsanto - orig. 1984/2018 Merge reissue
Jet Star 19
Zolar X - Timeless - orig. 1982/2004 Alternative Tentacles
Got to Have Pop
The Moderns - Year of Today 7" - orig. 1978/ 2015 Hosehead Records Canadian
Kids Just Wanna Dance
The Fast - The Best of the Fast 1976-1984 - orig. 1977/ 2000 Bullseye Records
High Time
Little Bob Story - High Time - 1976 Arcane
Ordinary Boy
Small Wonder - v.a. Three Day Week: When the Lights Went Out 1972-1975 - orig. 1974/ 2019 Ace
Rag Doll
The Quick - Mondo Deco - 1976 Mercury
Baby Grande - 1975-77 Studio Recordings - 2018 Hozac
25th Hour
Lime Spiders - Nine Miles High 1983-1990 - orig.1983/ 2002 Raven
Gold Eldorado
Didjits - Hornet Piñata - 1990 Touch and Go
Low Fashion Lovers
The Clone Defects - Shapes of Venus - 2003 In The Red Records
Interactive CKCU
Time for that mid-week, mid-afternoon rocknroll shindig!

1:38 PM, November 24th, 2021
great stuff Ian....thanks a lot made me feel a lot younger

2:08 PM, November 24th, 2021
Thanks for listening, Mark! Thanks to music, I'm forever 18 (as long as I avoid mirrors!).

2:12 PM, November 24th, 2021
Self-Cut Bangs song is called "Ace", which I forget to say in the back-announce. But you're on the playlist page, so you knew that already!

2:14 PM, November 24th, 2021
Are those the Surfrajettes from the Beach Boys Cruise?! 🏄🚢🏄

2:30 PM, November 24th, 2021
Haha, yes, Emma. Good for them to get that exposure but a phrase no more frightful to me than "Beach Boy Cruise".

2:34 PM, November 24th, 2021
The track that just ended gave me RUSH vibes at times (eventually track ?)

2:55 PM, November 24th, 2021
Zolar X track...

2:56 PM, November 24th, 2021
Hey Adriana, I can hear that for sure, especially in the vocals. Zolar X were from the mid '70's and dressed up as silver aliens!

2:58 PM, November 24th, 2021
That's pretty cool! Great show Ian! The playlist is great.

3:01 PM, November 24th, 2021
I agree, it sounded Rushy.

3:05 PM, November 24th, 2021
Cleaning & rockin', Ian. Perfect music for drudgery.

3:06 PM, November 24th, 2021
Thanks for tuning in , Adriana and Emma. A high energy playlist today.

3:10 PM, November 24th, 2021
Hey Ren! I hope the tunes make the work easier.

3:11 PM, November 24th, 2021
Thanks to all who tuned in today and a big thanks for interacting on the discussion. Renny was the technical specialist that put all the bits together for this Riot, and I'm forever in his debt!

3:26 PM, November 24th, 2021