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Renny's Riot
Wednesday October 27th, 2021 with Ian Jeans
Halloween Havoc! It's all mini chocolate bars and no crappy molasses kisses. This week's episode is a CKCU Pledge Drive preview. Don't be a-scared! Donate to community radio!

Haunted House Party
King Flamingo - Halloween/Harvest - Bandcamp 2019
Haunted House A Go-Go
Transylvania 500 - Rockn' Roll Party - Wolfbeat 2000 Canadian
In the Graveyard
Bloodshot Bill - split ep - Mongrelzine 2014 Canadian
The Coffin Collector
The Coffin Collectors - Leopardskin Tales - Bandcamp 2011
Three Men and a Coffin
Deja Voodoo - It Came From Canada Vol. 2 - OG 1986 Canadian
Coffin Crazy
Forbidden Dimension - Muchas Moscas - self-released 2018 Canadian
Dead Moon - In the Graveyard - Tombstone 1988
Graveyard Rock
The Joneses - Criminal History Revisited - Sympathy For The Record Industry 2000
One Foot in the Grave
The Creepshow - Death at My Door - Stomp 2017 Canadian
You're Dead
Les Deuxluxes - digital single - Bandcamp 2017 Canadian
The Misfits - Collection II - Plan 9 1981/ Caroline 1995
My Girlfriend is a Witch
October Country - s/t - Epic 1968
Meet the Witch
Big Dipper - Craps - Homestead 1988
Daughter of Darkness
The Hard Toms - Panties not included 7" - Take it Hard 2018 Canadian
Secret Life - Nineteen Eighty-four - self-released 1984/Walhalla Records 2011
You Must be a Witch
Lollipop Shoppe - Just Color - Uni Records 1968
I Walked With a Zombie (Roky Erickson cover)
UK Subs - Punk Rock Halloween: Loud, Fast & Scary - Cleopatra 2017
The Living Dead
The Luckies - digital single - Bandcamp 2020 Canadian
Zombie Death Run
Rock'n Rebels - Nocturnal Hearts - Bandcamp 2007 Canadian
Television Zombie
Outtacontroller - Television Zombie - P. Trash Records 2017 Canadian
The Thing
Curtis and the Creeps - 7" single - Dauntless 1962
Torture Chamber
Enchanters - 7" single - Transister 66 2021 Canadian
The Green Reflectors - digital single - Bandcamp 2020 Canadian
Wolfman Howl
The Vibrators - Punk Rock Halloween II: Louder, Faster & Scarier - Cleopatra 2019
The Wolf
Mötörhead - Rock'n'roll - Viper 1987
Jerry Lee Vs. The Wolfman
The Evil Eyes - Honey Please 7" - Bamalama Records 2012 Canadian
Dracula Has Risen From the Grave
The Coffinshakers - Dark Wings Over Finland - Solardisk 2001
Children of the Grave (live 1973)
Black Sabbath - Past Lives - Sanctuary 2002
Black Sabbath
Coven - Witchcraft Destroys Souls and Reaps Souls - Mercury 1969
The Black Heart Procession - Six - Temporary Residence Limited 2009
Let There Be Rats
The Damned - Phantasmagoria (expanded edition) - Mercury 1985/ Universal 2009
Attacked by Monsters
Meat Puppets - Monsters - SST 1989
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
The Members w/ John Perry of the Only Ones - Punk Rock Halloween II: Louder, Faster & Scarier - Cleopatra 2019
Que Monstruous Son
Los Straitjackets, feat. Fleshtones & Southern Culture on the Skids - v/a Mondo Zombie Boogaloo - Yep Roc 2013
Season of the Witch
Lou Rawls - The Way It Is, The Way It Was - Capitol 1969
Interactive CKCU
It's the Riot's Haunted House Party! We get the jump on Funding Drive, too. Hit the DONATE NOW button at the top of the page if you can make a contribution to keep CKCU ALIIIIIIVE!

1:36 PM, October 27th, 2021
Rabid Renny
Listening on the bus. Got the heeby-geebies!

1:38 PM, October 27th, 2021
Oooooo, I'm feart!!!

1:42 PM, October 27th, 2021
Renny, the OC Transpo heebie geebies! The worst kind.

1:44 PM, October 27th, 2021
Hazel, just keep repeating "It's only radio, it's only radio".

1:51 PM, October 27th, 2021
Chris Eye.
Shivering while Shaking it. Thanks!

1:57 PM, October 27th, 2021
Booyah! Here come the Misfits

2:03 PM, October 27th, 2021
Thanks for listening, Eye. If it gets too scary, we can call for Mummy!

2:03 PM, October 27th, 2021
Yes, Emma the Misfits on a Halloween show. How ground-breaking!

2:06 PM, October 27th, 2021
Bubbling cauldron, sounds like I was working in the lab late one night. 🧛

3:07 PM, October 27th, 2021
Will I adhere to the Riot's stringent no-crypt-kicker-five policy?

3:12 PM, October 27th, 2021
GREAT decision to play it. What a bop

3:26 PM, October 27th, 2021
Thanks for listening! And thanks for donating. You will get a shout-out on a future Riot. Have a great and safe Halloween!

3:27 PM, October 27th, 2021
Chris Eye.
Thanks for the chills.

3:31 PM, October 27th, 2021
Regurgitated Renny
Listening to it again, Ian. Great show but I've got some bad news: my European cousin, Deejay Decay is miffed, don't worry, I told him he can do Roots & Rhythms on Sunday night at 8.

7:52 PM, October 27th, 2021
Regurgitated Renny
But to be on the safe side I'm sleeping with garlic under my pillow until Halloween is over.

8:45 PM, October 27th, 2021