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Renny's Riot
Wednesday October 6th, 2021 with Ian Jeans
MOOD SWINGS! From energetic boogie rock to agitated Canadian power-pop to pessimistic proto-punk. A therapeutic session with the likes of Cheap Trick, Camp Radio, Pere Ubu, Mercy Now and plenty more.

Renny's Riot
Scarlet Drops - unreleased cassette - 1989 unissued Canadian
Brontosaurus (The Move cover)
Cheap Trick - 7" single - 1997 Sub Pop
Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her)
Blue Ash - No More, No Less - 1973 Mercury
Frankie Miller - Once in a Blue Moon - 1972 Chrysalis
Come Undone
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Hawk - 2010 V2
Mary Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives - Way Out West - 2017 Superlatone
They'll Never Know You're Gone
The BB Guns - digital single - 2020 Bandcamp Canadian
Big Hands (Fall Through the Cracks)
David Byrne - 3 Big Songs ep - 1981 Sire
Can't Get Enough of You, Baby
The Colourfield - The Best of Terry Hall - 1985 Chrysalis/2012 Music Club Deluxe
Hurt Animal
The Supervoids - digital single - 2020 Bandcamp Canadian
Beauregarde - self-titled lp - 1971 F-Empire
Wall of Death
The Hellcats - Cherry Mansions - 1988 New Rose
Penny Ikinger - Tokyo - 2018 Off the Hip
Ma Mort d'avant ma mort
Les Breastfeeders - digital single - 2019 Bandcamp Canadian
All to Myself
Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs - split ep - 2012 Hosehead Records Canadian
C'mon Through Carolina
Tom House - The Neighborhood is Changing - 1997 Checkered Past
Onie Wheeler - Onie's Bop - 1957 Sun (unreleased) 1991 Bear Family
Come ON
Wynn Stewart - The Best of Wynn Stewart - 1958 Jackpot/ 2001 Varése Saraband
Ayscrim Delicieu!
Damn the Luck - ep - 2020 self-released Canadian
1-2 Crush on You
The Clash - Super Black Market Clash - 1980/ 1993 Epic
New Drinking Song
Dancing French Liberals of '48 - Powerline - 1995 Broken Rekkids
Turn Up the Radio
Camp Radio - 7" flexi - 2011 Saved By Vinyl Canadian
Standing in Your Shadow
Easy Money - Collection 79-82 - 1980 Richard's Records/ 2017 Hosehead Canadian
Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely
Red Arms/Wasted Potential - The Songs of Hüsker Dü - 2015 Bandcamp Canadian
Beatrice Deer - Fox (ep) - 2015 Bandcamp Canadian
Cold Feet
The Mercy Now - Self Control - 2010 self-released Canadian
Where We All Come From
The Prime Movers - Matter of Time ep - 1984 Throbbing Lobster
It's Too Hard
CoCoComa - Things Are Not Alright - 2009 Goner
Code Blue - Code Blue - 1980 Warner Bros.
Back in the Day
Fashionism - 7" single - 2017 Neon Taste Canadian
Zero Hour
The Plimsouls - The Plimsouls - 1981 Planet
Cosmos (Jr. Gone Wild cover)
Napalmpom - split ep - 2015 Teenage Rampage Canadian
I'm Scum
Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance - 2018 Partisan
Ballroom Blitz (The Sweet cover)
The Damned (with Lemmy) - Machine Gun Etiquette (remastered bonus track) - 1979 Chiswick
Final Solution
Pere Ubu - Datapanic in Year Zero - 1976 Hearthan/1996 DGC
Interactive CKCU
Thanks for tuning in. I hope you dig it!

1:33 PM, October 6th, 2021
Enjoying the music that I am listening to. ☃

2:03 PM, October 6th, 2021
mike p
hi Ian just learned to use the large boom box in unison with sleek lap top as treble except they doesn't play in unison a little delay, sounds great! thanks

2:06 PM, October 6th, 2021
Thanks for listening Mike and Emma. Yes, I just walked from one room with a radio to the next room with internet feed and experienced the delay. I time travelled!

2:16 PM, October 6th, 2021
right on 't's what happened I t tee'd stationary

2:29 PM, October 6th, 2021
Runaway Renny
All the way in the Cariboo, listening to Ian on CKCU. How cool is that?

2:34 PM, October 6th, 2021
Renny G (host)
Happy mid-morning, Renny! (comment from Ian, though it says Renny G, I"m in disquise!).

2:36 PM, October 6th, 2021
Runaway Renny
Lovin' your show as always. Eclecticize on, brudder. Eclecticize on!

2:38 PM, October 6th, 2021
Thanks for listening everybody! See you next time for an Early pre-funding drive/Halloween show.

3:22 PM, October 6th, 2021
Runaway Renny
Loved the show.

3:25 PM, October 6th, 2021
I think I love the damned never heard the cover had an inkling

3:25 PM, October 6th, 2021