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Renny's Riot
Wednesday August 4th, 2021 with Retro Renny
Puttin' on the go-go boots & GETTIN' THE KINKS OUT.

More covers than sense.
Renny's Riot
Scarlet Drops - unreleased cassette - 1989 unissued Canadian
Something Better Beginning
The Kinks - Hail Britannia: The British Invasion 1964 - 1969 - 1965 Pye Records/Reprise Records/2007 Starbucks Entertainment/Universal Special
Tell Me Now So I Know
Holly Golightly - Truly She Is None Other - 2002 Damaged Goods
Stop Your Sobbing
The Pretenders - The Pretenders - 1980 Real Records/Sire
I Need You
The Count Bishops - The Count Bishops - 1977 Chiswick Records
You Really Got Me
Chartruese - 1977 - The Year That Punk Broke - 1977 Klik Chart Sounds 2001/2019 Cherry Red
All Of The Day And All Of The Night
The Kinks - The Kinks - The Ultimate Collection - 1964 Pye Records/Reprise Records/2002 Sanctuary Records
You Just Gotta Know My Mind
Karen Verros - Hard Workin' Man: The Jack Nitzsche Story Volume 2 - 1965 Dot Records/2006 Ace
Little Girl
Syndicate Of Sound - The Sound Of The Sixties - 1966 Bell Records/1983 Eva
Do It
The Invictas - The Invictas À Go-Go - 1965 Sahara/1983 Eva Canadian
Pushin' Too Hard
The Seeds - Toga Rock - 1966 GNP Crescendo Records/1987 Garland
It's All Meat - It's All Meat - 1970 Columbia/2000 Hallucinations Canadian
Garden Of My Mind
The Mickey Finn - Paint It Black: Journey To The Dark Heart of 60's Pop - 1967 Directon/2016 Mojo Magazine
Tossin' And Turnin'
Chad Allen & The Expressions (The Guess Who?) - Super Golden Goodies - 1965/1969 Quality Records Canadian
You're So Good To Me Baby
Eddie Spencer - Jamaica To Toronto - Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974 - 1968 Arc Records/2006 Light In The Attic Canadian
Sister Mavis
Tami Neilson - Chickaboom! - 2020 Outside Music Canadian
Lord Please
Rick Holmstrom featuring Mavis Staples - Cruel Sunrise - 2012 M.C. Records
Bank Robbery
John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis & Taj Mahal - Hard Workin' Man: The Jack Nitzsche Story Volume 2 - 1990 Antilles New Directions/Island Records/2006 Ace
You Know You're A Man
Captain Beefheart - Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) - 1978 Warner Bros. Records
Night Time (Is The Right Time)
Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy - Twighlight Dreams - 1987 Venture
Let's Go Strollin'
Downchild - So Far - A Collection Of Our Best - 1977 Posterity Records Canadian
The Stroll
The Smithereens - Fast Track To Nowhere - 1994 A&M Records
Wild One
Teenage Head - Frantic City - 1980 Attic Canadian
Shout Bama Lama
King Biscuit Boy with Crowbar - Official Music - 1970 Daffodil Records/1995 Stony Plain Records
Bama Lama Bama Loo
Tom Jones - In The Beginning: Day II - 1965 Decca/1984 ATV Music Group
Love Me Tonight
The Hard Toms - Panties Not Included - 2018 Take It Hard Records Canadian
Fire (Live)
Henri Herbert & The Fury - Live At The Gypsy Hotel - 2018 HH Records
Hajde da se drogiramo (Live)
Hali Gali Halid - Hali Gali Halid EP - 1990/2020 Slušaj Najglasnije!
Rock N' Roll Till The Cows Come Home (Live)
Bodeco - Bone, Hair And Hide - 1992 Homestead Records
Berry Rides Again
Steppenwolf - Steppenwolf - 1969 Dunhill Records Canadian
Don't You Lie To Me
Chuck Berry - Gold: Chuck Berry - 1964 Chess Records/2005 Geffen Records
Don't You Lie To Me
Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action - 1976 Sire
All In It Together
The Pirates - Skull Wars - 1978 Warner Bros. Records
Media Messiahs
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Thriller - 1979 Island Records
(I've Been Taking) The Truth Drug
Nick Lowe - Heroes Of Pub Rock - Living On The Front Line - 1976 Dynamo Records/Dynamite Records1994 Thundrbolt/The Magnum Music Group
Hardly Remember
The Chickens - Prepare To Plug In - 2000 Egg-Cellent Records Canadian
A Bit To Far
The Enigmas - Strangely Wild - 1985 Zulu Records Canadian
Strangely Wild
The Enigmas - Strangely Wild - 1985 Zulu Records Canadian
Run Wild
Tongue Fu - Tongue Fu - 2014 Self-released Canadian
The Malomondos - Diabolik Sonic - 2011 Spinout Records
Eeny Meeny Miney Moe
Bob & Lucille (Bob Regan and Lucille Savoie later known as Lucille Starr) - Canadian Rockabilly: Shakin' Up North - 1958 Ditto Records/1999 Bear Family Records Canadian
Be Your Man
The Dimestore Playboys - Be Your Man single - 2018 Self-released/Bandcamp Canadian
The Dimestore Playboys are finalists in the Rockabilly Rumble Original Song Contest. They need your vote! Go to and show them some love and vote for "Be Your Man".

Joe Kozak & The Frontiersmen - Canadian Rockabilly: Shakin' Up North - 1959 Rodeo/1999 Bear Family Records Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)
Wow. I wasn't planning on playing 3 minutes of Urban Contemporary music......I'm pretty sure I didn't.

1:32 PM, August 4th, 2021
Renny G (host)
Greetings. Anybody listening today?

1:34 PM, August 4th, 2021
whatwave dave
LOL...was getting worried it wouldn't end. Lots of stuff I really dig coming up judging by the top notch playlist!!

1:35 PM, August 4th, 2021
Renny G (host)
Thanks Dave.

1:42 PM, August 4th, 2021
Renny G (host)
I wish I had your Cancon collection, whatwave dave. I have to achieve my quota by hook & by crook.

1:50 PM, August 4th, 2021
Renny G (host)
This first set was inspired by Mighty Dave Sampson, who was the host of the Sixties show here at CKCU for many years.

1:55 PM, August 4th, 2021
Renny G (host)
I'd like to thank Ian for the Hard Toms' song.

2:44 PM, August 4th, 2021