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Renny's Riot
Wednesday July 14th, 2021 with Reoccurring Renny
WHAMBOOGIE!: A lotta laughs, droppin' horns, gunning for Peter, covering Sonny Burgess, a new punk single, some 60s throwbacks & more.

Renny's Riot
The Scarlet Drops - unreleased cassette - 1989 unissued Canadian
No Friend Around
John Lee Hooker - No Friend Around - 1950 Modern Records/198? Drive
Dumb Rock
Shanker & Romps - Pancakin' - 2007 self-released/Bandcamp Canadian
The Last Laugh
Bassmen - Think Of The Good Times: The Tucson '60's Sound - 1965 Gallantry/2002 Bacchus Archive
Ten Tonne Truck
Tami Neilson - Chickaboom! - 2020 Outside Music Canadian
The Rhythm Rockers - The Roots Of Pschobilly - 1960 Square Records/2012 Not Now Music
Laugh, Laugh, Laugh
Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog: The Peacock Recordings - 1955 Peacock Records/1992 MCA Records
Laughing But Crying
Roy Brown - Good Rockin' Man The Definitive Collection - 1953 King Records/2011 Fantastic Voyage
Laughing In Rhythm
Slim Gaillard & His Peruvians - Laughing In Rhythm - 1951 Mercury/Verve/1989 The Official Record Co.
Talkin' Trash
The Marathons - Lookey Dookey - 1961 Arvee/2000 Honk It/Crypt Records
Laughin' Your Head Off
The Mighty Squirrels - Narduar The Human Serviette Presents "Oh God, My Mom's On Channel 10!" - 1989 NardWuar Records Canadian
Last Laugh
The Ding Dongs - The Ding-Dongs - 2010 Norton Records Canadian
It Ain't Enough
The Neckbones - Souls On Fire - 1997 Fat Possum Records
New York City
The Demics - Demics - 1980 Intercan Records Canadian
Ride On
Thee Primitive Sound - Turn It Up!! - 2020 Fuzzbomb Records/Bandcamp Canadian
Cindy With An S
Huevos Rancheros - Endsville! - 1993 C/Z Records Canadian
Remember Me
The Mono Men - Back To Mono! - 1992 1+2 Records
40 Pounder Blues
The Purple Toads - The Purple Toads - 1986 Star Records Canadian
Hangover (Max Webster cover)
Evil Farm Children - Evil Farm Children II: The Evilling - 2008 Dad's Favourite Records Canadian
Hooty Sapperticker
Barbara & The Boys - Las Vegas Grind Part 1 - 1958 Dot Records/198? Strip Records
George Williams Orchestra with George Barnes - George Barnes: Quiet! Gibson at Work Vol. 2 - 1940/57 - Swing and Country Jazz - 1954 Coral Records/2015 El Toro Records
Pachuko Hop (Chuck Higgins cover)
Ike Carpenter & His Orchestra - Maxwell Davis - Wailin' Daddy Wailin' Daddy: The Best Of Maxwell Davis, 1945-1959 - 1953 Alladin/2011 Fantastic Voyage
Sliding Horns/Down Yonder
Buddy Johnson Orchestra - Go Ahead An Rock Rock Rock - 1959 Roulette/1992 Bear Family Records
Peter Gunn Theme
Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - Peter Gunn Theme - 1958 RCA Victor
Peter Gunn (cover, see above)
The Pirates - Out Of Their Skulls - 1977 Warner Bros. Records/1997 Westside
Peter Gunn Locomotion
The Delmonas - Single Minded - Best Of Big Beat Singles - 1985 Big Beat Records/1992 Big Beat Records
Peter Gunn Twist
The Jesters - Las Vegas Grind Part 1 - 1961 Rio/198? Strip Records
We Wanna Boogie
Sonny Burgess - Sun Records Story-The Hits & Then Some - 1956 Sun/1995 Charly Records
Red Headed Woman (Sonny Burgess cover)
Jimmy Dickinson with The Cramps - Rockabilly Psychosis & The Garage Disease - recorded '77/1984/1989 Big Beat Records
I Ain't Got A Thing (Sonny Burgess cover)/Under The Gun
The Revelators - We Told You Not To Cross Us.... - 1997 Crypt Records
Bottom Feeder
The Ball Breakin' Pricks - Split E.P Simon & JJ/ The Ball Breakin" Pricks - 2021 self-released/Bandcamp New
People Are Ignorant Cocksuckers (2 Minutes Hate cover)
The Ball Breakin' Pricks - Split E.P Simon & JJ/ The Ball Breakin" Pricks - 2021 self-released/Bandcamp New
I Don't Care
Grave Concern - Grave Concern E.P. - 2000 self-released Canadian
Television Child
The Restless Virgins - Television Child 7" - 1981 T.C.M. Records Canadian
Ex-Teenage Rebel
Bad Luck No. 13 - Les Enfants Terribles EP - 1993 NIM Records Canadian
What Do You Want Me To Do (Pointed Sticks cover)
The Smugglers - Oh Canaduh! - 1995 Lance Rock Records Canadian
My Lambretta
Gallow Birds - Rum Bar Records ROCKTOBER (Free Digital) label sampler - 2020 Rum Bar Records/Bandcamp
Night Time
The Strangeloves - single - 1965 Bang Records
Hot Rod Red Lipstick
Electraluxx - Rum Bar Records ROCKTOBER (Free Digital) label sampler - 2020 Rum Bar Records/Bandcamp
Gooseback Machine
The Bad Beats - Off The Hook - 2019 Soundflat Records/Bandcamp Canadian
I Can't Puke (Dry Heaves cover)
The Evaporators - Oh Canaduh! - 1995 Lance Rock Records Canadian
Blues Theme
Lost Patrol - Lost Patrol - 1988 Stop It Baby Records Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)
CORRECTION: I said that The Neckbones were from Memphis, Tennessee....they are actually from Oxford, Mississippi.

4:47 PM, July 13th, 2021
Renny G (host)
Ready to take your comments.

1:29 PM, July 14th, 2021
Renny G (host)
Thank you to Nancy for the Tami Neilson.

1:59 PM, July 14th, 2021
Thank you for the initial introduction to her .... :-)

2:15 PM, July 14th, 2021
Evil Farm Children covering Max Webster? That's gotta be double Cancon!

2:24 PM, July 14th, 2021
Renny G (host)
It should be.

2:25 PM, July 14th, 2021
Renny G (host)
I never really "got" the whole Max Webster mania.

2:35 PM, July 14th, 2021
Renny G (host)
I think I may have a strange musical horn fetish.

2:37 PM, July 14th, 2021
Renny G (host)
Thanks for listening folks.

3:26 PM, July 14th, 2021
whatwave dave
Max Webster were WAY different than other Canadian bar bands at the time. They did mainly originals, had a bit of a show, didn't look at all like any of the other Canuck bar bands and were way more entertaining than the usual top 40 crap most bar bands were playing at the time.....and they attracted us misfits....LOL...but most of their material was nowhere near as good as Hangover. My take on the MW mania....

3:32 PM, July 14th, 2021