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Renny's Riot
Wednesday June 2nd, 2021 with Unrepentant Renny
From drum machines, to reggae, to early punk, to whamma blamma Canadiana, to the chicken tune of the week. Gonna be a riot!

Renny's Riot
Scarlet Drops - unreleased cassette - 1989 unissued Canadian
The Flickering Sign
Rocket 808 - Rocket 808 - 2019 12XU
Just Like A Dog
Johnny Dowd - Wrong Side Of Memphis - 1995 self released/1998 Checkered Past Records
Robyn Hitchcock - Invisible Hitchcock - 1986 Glass Fish Records
Reluctant Host
Dub Rifles - No Town, No Country - 1982 No Town/2014 Sundowning Sound Recordings Canadian
Version World
Ujamma - Chokota - 1991 self released Canadian
Gimmix! Play Loud
John Cooper Clarke - Word Of Mouth: Very Best Of John Cooper Clarke - 1979/2002 Epic
I Can't Control Myself
The Teenbeats - Teenbeats 45 - 1979 Safari Records
David Watts
The Jam - Gold - 1978/2005 Polydor
Sweet Happiness
The Scarlet Drops - Sweet Happiness 45 - 1990 Harriet Records Canadian
Drinking By The Pool
The Dogmatics - EST 81 - 1986 Homestead Records/2021 Rum Bar Records New
Guns Of Brixton
Jimmy Cliff - Rebirth - 2012 Sunpower/Universal Music Enterprises
Heard It Through The Grapevine
The Slits - Cut - 1979 Island Records
Strange Thing
John Holt - Reggae Archives Vol. 2 - 1971 Sunshot/2018 Kosmos Records
The Only One
Stiff Little Fingers - Go For It - 1981 Chrysalis
Shoot You Shoot Me
Pushkins - ...inviting and invading... - 1985 Pure Dirt Music Canadian
Two Pints (Dub)
Splodgenessabounds - Splodgenessabounds - 1981 Deram
International Robots
The Saints - Eternally Yours - 1978 Harvest
Modern Girl
The Dead City Rebels - Dead City Rebels vs. Schizo Dudes - 2000 Beluga Music Canadian
Car Bomb
The Trapt - "A Minute Late....A Dollar Short" - 1989 Trashtone Sound Products Canadian
Goes Without Saying
Captain Crunch & Let's Do Lunch - More Baroque Post-Industrial Hillbilly Lounge Music - 1989 Og Music Canadian
The Letter
Captain Crunch & Let's Do Lunch - More Baroque Post-Industrial Hillbilly Lounge Music - 1989 Og Music Canadian
Dead Language
The Phantom Limbs - Romance - 1983 Modern Masters Music
First Time Is The Best Time
DMZ - First Time Is The Best Time single - 1976 unreleased/1986 Telstar Records
Knock Yourself Out
The Bad Beats - His Vengeful Hand - 2016 Soundflat Records/available on Bandcamp Canadian
Screaming Bamboo - Demos '83 - 1983 unreleased/Bandcamp Canadian
The Great Love Sound
Cromm Fallon - Somebody Out There Is Having A Party Vol 2 (Free Digital) Summer Sampler - 2020 Rum Bar Records
Twin Cities Of Your Mind
The Hopelessly Obscure - He's Five Beers Ahead Of Your Time - 1985 Majestic Records/1992 Stanton Park Records
Sure Thing
The Dream Syndicate - Dream Syndicate - 1982 Down There Records
Boll Weevil
The Exploding Pidgins - He's Five Beers Ahead Of Your Time - 1987 unreleased/1992 Stanton Park Records
Turn Life To Song
Asexuals - Brave New Waves Sessions - 2017 CBC Radio/bandcamp Canadian
Bloody Hammer
Roky Erickson & The Aliens - Fire Symbols - 1980 Sony Music Entertainment/2012 Mojo Buried Treasure/Cherry Red Records
Subway Train
Johnny Thunders - So Alone - 1978 Real Records
Chicken Reel
Joe Maphis & Larry Collins - Joe Maphis & Friends "Live At Town Hall" 1958-1961 - recorded between 1958-61/1997 Country Routes
On Demand bonus tracks
Look At The Size Of That Boogie
The Frantic Flattops - Cheap Women, Cheap Booze, Cheaper Thrills - 1997 Pravda Records
On The Rocks
The Epics - Las Vegas Grind Part 1 - 1962 Athens/198? Crypt Records
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)
Greetings everybody. Anybody out there listening?

1:33 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
This sure beats the hell out of Depeche Mode.

1:35 PM, June 2nd, 2021
good afternoon

1:37 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Hi Nancy. I'm surprised you are still listening. I know drum machines aren't your forte.

1:38 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Take the bad in anticipation of the good ....

1:43 PM, June 2nd, 2021
whatwave dave
I'm listening.

1:44 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Thanks Dave

1:45 PM, June 2nd, 2021
On behalf of Depeche Mode, I protest vigorously! ;-s)

1:49 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
You are welcome to protest Benoit, it's called the Riot for a reason.

1:51 PM, June 2nd, 2021
O.k. then

1:54 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Protesting is encouraged!

1:59 PM, June 2nd, 2021
whatwave dave
Scarlet Drops CD would be amazing!!!! And long overdue

2:03 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Oh yeah. I couldn't agree more.

2:07 PM, June 2nd, 2021
I'm late to the Riot! Listening live now, and will catch up with On Demand.

3:03 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
You better. I've been raving about the show you did last week.

3:05 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Lina Ottawa
Getting here late, but I'm here! (While working from home of course...)

3:09 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Hey Lina. I'm glad you made it. Better late than never.

3:12 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Poor Roky. Poor Johnny.

3:23 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Thanks for listening. I loves ya all!

3:31 PM, June 2nd, 2021
curb jumper
Missed the show but gonna check it out right now.

4:33 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Digging the podcast this week. Tak for the Screaming Bamboo play. Funny you should play that song, since I was just asking Gilles if he knew what time signature the drums play, because I actually don't know for sure. Gilles thinks 5/8, and he may be correct.

7:48 PM, June 2nd, 2021
Renny G (host)
It's a great song, Jeb. I don't know what the time signature is but it mixed in perfectly.

10:31 AM, June 3rd, 2021