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Renny's Riot
Wednesday February 3rd, 2021 with Kid Caffeine
DRUNK IN THE AFTERNOON on drunken country, angry blues, retro-punk, stompin' R&B, the Cancon cram, mother covers & wicked whamma blamma.

Renny's Riot
THE SCARLET DROPS - unreleased cassette - 1989 unissued Canadian
I'm Mad
WILLIE MABON & HIS COMBO - Willie's Blues - The Greatest Hits 1952 - 1957 - 1953 Chess Records/2013 Jasmine Records
Stepped In What!?
JOHNNIE JOHNSON - Johnnie B. Bad - 1991 Elektra Nonesuch
Next Time (Richard Berry cover)
THE ROLLINS BAND - Do It - 1988 Texas Hotel/Fringe Product
Framed (cover of the Robins)
TOP JIMMY & THE RHYTHM PIGS - Pigus Drunkus Maximus - 1987 Down There Records/Restless Records
Moment Of Truth
THREE BLUE TEARDROPS - Poised In Hate - 1996 Teen Rebel Records
More Beer
FEAR - More Beer - 1985 Restless Records
Drunk Like Me
SCOTT H. BIRAM - Fever Dreams - 2020 Bloodshot Records New
Drunk (a cover of Jimmy Liggins & His 3-D Music)
HENRY VESTINE - Guitar Gangster - 1991 New Rose Records/Jellyroll Records
Drunken Guitar
TOMMY STEELE a.k.a. THE LUSHES - Las Vegas Grind Part 1 - 1960 Decca/198? Crypt Records
Cup Of Coffee
JOHNNY CASH - Everybody Loves A Nut - 1966 Columbia
The Other Side Of A Six Pack
JUSTINE'S BLACK THREADS - Somebody Out There Is Having A Party Vol 2 Summer Sampler - 2020 Rum Bar Records
Gettin' Drunk
THE BEAT FARMERS - Viking Lullabies - 1994 Sector 2 Records
Drunk And Lonesome (Again)
SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS - Liquored Up And Lacquered Down - 2000 TVT Records
Drinkin' Ex And Askin' Why
ALLEN BAEKELAND - Moose: The Compilation - 1991 Vertigo Canadian
Crying In My Beer
RAUNCH RADLEY (HANK DAVIS & WINNIE WINSTON) - One Way Track - 1978 Ducktail Records/2012 Bear Family Records Canadian
Beer Bottle Pockets
GINGER ST. JAMES & THE GRINDERS - Diesel And Peas - 2014 Busted Flat Records Canadian
Slim's Jig
GINGER ST. JAMES & THE GRINDERS - Diesel And Peas - 2014 Busted Flat Records Canadian
Drinking By The Pool
THE DOGMATICS - Everybody Does It - 1986 Homestead Records
Teenage Beer Drinking Party
TEENAGE HEAD - Some Kinda Fun - 1982 Attic Canadian
One More Beer
DOUBLE NAUGHT SPYS - Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents "Oh God, My Mom's On Channel 10!" - 1989 NardWuar Records Canadian
She's Been Used
JERRY JERRY & THE SONS OF RHYTHM ORCHESTRA - Battle Hymn Of The Apartment - 1987 Pipeline Records Canadian
Ex-Teenage Rebel
BAD LUCK NO. 13 - Les Enfants Terribles EP - 1993 NIM Records Canadian
THE TRAPT - "A Minute Late....A Dollar Short" - 1989 Trashtone Sound Products Canadian
Alternative Ulster
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Inflammable Material - 1979 Rough Trade/1989 Restless Retro
Why Can't It Be
EDDIE & THE HOT RODS - Teenage Depression - 1976 Island Records
In The City
THE JAM - In The City - 1977 Polydor
Shout Bamalam
OTIS REDDING & THE PINETOPPERS - The Best Of Soul Music - 1961 Confederate/unknown date of reissue
Bama Lama Bama Loo (Little Richard cover)
TOM JONES - In The Beginning - Day II - 1966 Parrot/1984 ATV Music
Bama Lama Bama Loo
LITTLE RICHARD - The Specialty Story - 1964/1994 Specialty Records
Do The Rock And Roll
FOX HALL - Sugar Jump (Dance Til The Break Of Dawn!) - 1958 Limelight Records/2018 Koko Mojo Records
Oh Oh
EDDIE BO - Gumbo Ya Ya - The Cosimo Matassa Story Volume 2: Rockin' Pneumonia - 1958 Chess Records/2012 Proper Records
DON & DEWEY - Jungle Hop - 1958 Specialty Records/1991 Ace Records
TUPELO CHAIN SEX - Ja-Jazz - 1983 Selma Records
BLOODSHOT BILL - Guitar Boy - 2017 Norton Records Canadian
Gonna Have A Time
JITTERY JACK - Gonna Have A Time With Jittery Jack - 2014 Rhythm Bomb Records
Different Kind Of Man
MONO IN STEREO - Rebel Rousers - 2021 Rum Bar Records New
Shake It Annie, Shake It!
BIONIC - Deliverance - 2002 Sound King Records Canadian
Hold Me Close
GOOD2GO - Hold Me Close single - 2018 self released Canadian
C'MON - Bottled Lightning of an All Time High - 2007 Blown Speaker Canadian
Rebecca Lash
MAOW - Nothing Beats A Royal Flush - 1997 Roto Flex Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)
Hey out there in the ether. Welcome to the show. Thanks for tuning in.

1:41 PM, February 3rd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Let me know what you think, it would be much appreciated.

1:46 PM, February 3rd, 2021
It's never a bad day, when you hear the Beat Farmers.

2:13 PM, February 3rd, 2021
Renny G (host)
So true, Jeb, so true.

2:24 PM, February 3rd, 2021
Excellent - enjoying it very much!

2:33 PM, February 3rd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Thanks Lizzy. So glad you are listening.

2:36 PM, February 3rd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Hearing double.....must have been all the booze songs. Two versions of "Bama Lama Bama Loo" & "Justine".

3:12 PM, February 3rd, 2021
Renny G (host)
Thanks to everyone who listened and who listens to the show. I appreciate it. Thanks you.

3:59 PM, February 3rd, 2021