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Renny's Riot
Friday January 4th, 2019 with Resolute Renny
First Riot of the year with music from Mickey Baker, C.C.R., Iggy Pop, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles & more. Renny's Riot, keeping you awake since 2018.

Renny's Riot
THE SCARLET DROPS - unreleased cassette - '89 no label Canadian
Midnight Midnight
MICKEY BAKER - Atlantic Blues: Guitar - 1959/1986 Atlantic Records
Uncloudy Day
THE STAPLE SINGERS - Jesus Is The Answer - 1961 Vee Jay Records/1985 Charly Records
TAV FALCO PANTHER BURNS - Red Devil - 1988 New Rose Records
Born On The Bayou
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - Bayou Country - 1969/1988 Fantasy Records
The Circus
THE DENIM DADDIES - Thinkin' EP - 2018 Denim Daddies (self-released) Canadian New
GO TO BLAZES - And Other Crimes - 1995 GTB Philadelphia/Glitterhouse Records
THE SONICS - Here Are The Ultimate Sonics - 1965/1994 Etiquette Records
Lust For Life
IGGY POP - Lust For Life - 1977 RCA Victor Records/1992 Virgin Records
Going To A Go-Go
SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: Anthology - 1965 Tamla Records/1986 Motown Records
My Maria
RICK HOLMSTROM - Hydraulic Groove - 2002 Tone-Cool Records
THE VANIER PLAYBOYS - The Vanier Playboys - 2018 Moo Music/ Canadian New
I Heard It Through The Grapevine
MARVIN GAYE - Can I Get A Witness - 1968 Tamla Records/2006 Universal Music Enterprises Inc.
THE HOLLYWOOD BRATS - The Hollywood Brats - (recorded 1973-74) 1980/1994 Cherry Red Records
All Action Man
THE COYOTE MEN - 26 Excellent Estrus Spicey Sizzlers Sampler - 1999 Estrus Records
Can't Keep My Mind Off You
THE NOMADS - Showdown 2 - The 90's - 1991 Sonet Grammofon/2002 Sympathy For The Record Industry
What I Want
MOTORCYCLE BOY - Popsicle - 1991 Triple X Records
Outta Luck
THE PONTIAC BROTHERS - Johnson - 1988 Frontier Records
In The Wilderness
CHARLIE PICKETT & THE MC3 - Bar Band Americanus: The Best of Charlie Pickett and… - 1988 Safety Net/2008 Bloodshot Records
O How She Dances
JAMES LUTHER DICKINSON - Dixie Fried - 1972 Atlantic Records/2014 Warner Music Japan
Soldier On
BOB REA - Southbound - 2018 Bloodshot Records New
SILO ROAD - Signal Hill - 2018 Bloodshot Records New
Bottle Up & Go
THE MONKEYWRENCH - Clean As A Broke-Dick Dog - 2008 Caroline Records/Sub Pop Records
Let's Buzz
THE PALADINS - Let's Buzz! - 1990 Alligator Records
Rock 'n' Roll Ruby
WEBB WILDER & THE BEATNECKS - It Came From Nashville - 1986 Racket Records/1987 Landslide Records
No Mo Do Yakamo
DR. FEELGOOD - Case Of The Shakes - 1980 United Artists Records/2016 Parlophone Records
Biblical Sense
AL PERRY & THE CATTLE - Cattle Crossing - 1985/2005 Addled Records
Spy Swagger
MICHAEL P. & THE GULLYWASHERS - New Waves - 2016 self-released
Honey Hush
THE PIRATES - A Fistful Of Dubloons - 1981/1992 Demon Records/Edsel Records
Rockit Fuel Only
EVAN JOHNS & HIS H-BOMBS - Rockit Fuel Only - 1991 Rykodisc
Too Drunk
THE DEAD KENNEDYS - The Prey single - 1981 I.R.S. Records/Alternative Tentacles/1999 Cherry Red Records
I Always Call Her Back
THE DEL FUEGOS - DIY: Mass. Ave. - The Boston Scene (1975-83) - 1982 Czech Records/1993 Rhino Records
I Fought The Law
THE CLASH - The Story Of The Clash, Vol. 1 - 1977/1988 CBS Records
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)
Calling all night people! Lend me your lobes & get on your feet.

9:56 PM, January 3rd, 2019
Listening live! Happy New Year, Renny! Looking forward to the Sonics, Iggy and Marvin...and the ones I don't know that I'll be introduced to tonight - it's still Thursday in BC (this morning in Ottawa time).

11:18 PM, January 3rd, 2019
Renny G (host)
Helloooo my Western friend! I hope your new digs weren't damaged in the big blow earlier this month.

12:03 AM, January 4th, 2019
Renny G (host)
Actually....later last month/year. The windstorm of December 20018.

12:09 AM, January 4th, 2019
Renny G (host)
Any listeners out there in the cosmos? Feel free to drop me a line. Whether you're listening live or On Demand, please let me know what you think.

12:10 AM, January 4th, 2019
My neighbours had two trees from their backyard take out their kitchen and the fence around their back one hurt, and they had insurance.

12:16 AM, January 4th, 2019
Renny G (host)
Thank goodness. I was worried. I've watched the news.

12:19 AM, January 4th, 2019
woo's the set I've been waiting for!!!!

12:28 AM, January 4th, 2019
Renny G (host)
I'm such an unmitigated rock pig!

1:01 AM, January 4th, 2019
Thanks for the sonic buzz dude!

1:07 AM, January 4th, 2019
Renny G (host)
Hey DAVID! How goes it my friend?

1:19 AM, January 4th, 2019
Renny G (host)
Did you like the show? Did you hate the show? Make my day or crush my soul, but please let me know and leave a message.

9:43 PM, January 6th, 2019
Glad I finally caught up to this on demand! From Mickey Baker to the Clash, a musical treat of epic proportions.

7:12 PM, January 10th, 2019