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Femme Vitale
Wednesday September 11th, 2019 with Vivian Maßwohl
PWRFLWMN Hosts join me!

TONIGHT: pwrflwmn podcast hosts, Rina Gencher and Dayna Cullen join me! Tune in as we jam out and discuss the life of Marsha P Johnson! 💕✊ Trigger warning: Marsha had a very tragic story, which involves sex work, drugs, violence, transphobia and homophobia. Check out their podcast on Spotify or the Apple Podcast app!
Angel-Ho - Death Becomes Her - Hyperdub
Ushamami - Jinx - Ushamami
Ushamami - Proximity - Ushamami
Night After Sidewalk
Kaki King - Everybody Loves You - Short Stuff Records
A Lazy Day
Ana - Woolgathering - Ana's World Canadian
Fly With Me
Ana - Woolgathering - Ana's World Canadian
Happy April
Triples - Happy April - Triples Canadian
Snake Skin Boots
Blimes, Redinho - Castles - Peach House
Interactive CKCU