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The Witching Hours
Tuesday March 6th, 2018 with Kanaska Carter
Interviews with Jason Verbelli president of SEG Magnetics Inc., Frank Gotz a rapper and ghost hunter, interview with Stephen Paul Taylor singer/songwriter and comedian from Berlin.

Cover Judge
Verbz feat. Mike Marshal and K.D. - N/A
Divine DNA
Narkatta - Divine DNA
Til I Meet My Death
Cyrus - N/A
God (Damnit)
Call Me Karizma - Gloomy Tapes: Volume 1
Mod Sun - BB
Austin Cain Music - Champagne
Blood Pigs
Otep - Sevas Tra
Russ - There's Really A Wolf
Forget Brennan - N/A
Chill The Fuck Out
STP - Chill The Fuck Out
Billions Of Years
STP - Billions Of Years
Fight The Dragons
STP - Fight The Dragons
Single And Seventeen
STP - Single And Seventeen
Call Me Karizma - Gloomy Tapes: Volume 1
Forget Brennan - N/A
I Could Die
Mod Sun - BB
Ghost Flowers
Otep - The Ascension
Interactive CKCU